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Dinah Lilia Mansour is an honorable woman and founder of ‘THE DINAH LILIA FOUNDATION’.

Beyond practical skills as an artiste and musician of high standards, Dinah Lilia established this foundation to help the needy in the society, and not just in her locality but for nations where she finds the duty to serve both – monetarily and in deeds.

THE DINAH LILIA FOUNDATION helps to alleviate poverty by providing gifts, food, breakfasts, and meals for kids and adults, including Christmas gifts, and other seasonal and holiday gifts.

While she has taken all the burden to herself, fulfilling other peoples’ needs and desires, if you are a foundation or an individual that’s looking forward to reach out to others, you can partner with Dinah Lilia Foundation via http://dinahlilia.com/ to get this done specially and successfully.

Dinah Lilia simply provides financial aid to the Poor in societies across countries!

The foundation is known and reputed for distributing foods/gift baskets to kids and in some cases, adults, after school hours. Such philanthropic works are normally executed at the following venues.

6460 Lundy’s lane, Niagara Falls, On L2G-1T6 (Parking Lot)

50 Niagara St, in collaboration with Father’s place Niagara

6251 O’Neil St, Niagara Falls, On L2J-1M6

While Dinah Lilia hopes to reach out to more people and extend such love to more nations and communities, the foundation may find pleasure in Global Partnerships so as to further operate at the global level with institutions, governments, donors, and the private sectors to collectively impact on more poor and needy people.

The foundation helps sick children and helps in building hope and courage for better living and survival. This is done by organizing hospital visits and donating gifts and food, as this is the core priority of the founder and foundation. THE DINAH LILIA FOUNDATION is a heart of Gold!

To know about Dinah Lilia Foundation – please visit http://dinahlilia.com/#foundation

On an Interview done July 2012, on French radio station 93.3 CMFU-FM, hosting Helene Caron, Dinah Lilia was asked about her motivation for being so generous with people, and having such a heart for children; Dinah Lilia said “Where I grew up, I’ve seen mothers selling their children for money, slavery, torture and war, and for this and more, I have come to realize that this life needs an abundance of love and sharing”.