Zonal Isolation Market heats up: Global Market Insights, Inc.

Zonal Isolation Market size was valued at over 15 billion in 2015. Increasing oil & gas well exploration and production mainly in offshore field is anticipated to drive global zonal isolation market.

Zonal isolation is the method used in coal bed methane wells to prevent the migration of oil and gas between different geographical layers. It is crucial step in well completion and intervention activity and can be obtained through correct casing and cementing of oil and gas well. The main aim is to isolate the gas producing section of well from its surrounding (non-producing section) for optimum production. It also helps to prevent contamination of underground water reserve, to reduce well construction cost, Health Safety Environment risk andneed for costly workovers and protect reservoir integrity and productivity. It is a technical based solution from leak diagnostic to isolating gas caps and has capabilities to overcome challenging intervention work.

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Applications include open hole testing, water andgas shutoff, acidizing, production segmentation, selective stimulation, well suspension, packer setting and tube testing during completion, tubing integrity testing and plug and abandonment. North America, dominated by U.S. zonal isolation market size, is the industry leader and holding largest share in 2015. It is expected and forecast that zonal isolation market would grow in future owing to increasing oil and natural gas exploration and production in the region tied with factors such as shale boom in the Gulf of Mexico, increasing offshore drilling activities and the pursuit for finding untapped oil and gas reserves.

China has estimated that they hold around 31.6 trillion cubic meter of technically recoverable shale gas resources and they have invested more than USD 1 billion on shale gas revolution and completed more than eighty reservoirs as of 2013. These investments in the field of oil and gas will drive the China zonal isolation market during the forecast consideration. It has been expected the industry Canada would grow in due to increase in exploration of shale and tight gas. According to national board of Canada 90 percent of Canada’s natural gas is to be produced using shale and tight gas.

Acceptable materials for construction include cement, elastomers, plug, sand, resin. Well operators use multiple technologies during well completion and intervention activity for isolating a particular zone depending on several parameters of well such as type of producing zone (oil or gas), depth of well, wellbore geometry, temperature of the wellbore and depth of well etc. These techniques include multiple scratchers and centralizers, altering flow rates, high early gel strength cement, improving mixing system, additive for loss control of fluid and stage system etc. Cementing operation is also required at certain time intervals to prevent loss of isolation.