Mother shares snaps of her daughter who resembles several celebs


A vast majority of moms consider their child to be unique. However, a lady had recently shared photos of her daughter as she feels her daughter bears a resemblance to several other people. Kris Parrish is the mother of 35 years, and she would not believe when pals and family members made statements that Lucy, her daughter aged five years looked similar to several celebrated characters.

Georgia creates Instagram account for posting snaps of Lucy that resembles some celebs

Georgia, who is a mom of three, made her mind up on setting an Instagram account up for Lucy for posting snaps of all occasions when Lucy looked similar to a few of the most well-known faces of the Showbiz business, and the end results are delightful.

How did the Georgia get this idea?

Till date, Lucy has dressed up as all and sundry from Daenerys Targaryen of “Game of Thrones” to David Bowie the music celebrity and Donald Trump, the presidential candidate. In the opinion of Chris, pals and family members would say to her always that didn’t she feel that Lucy looked similar to particular celeb. Such suggestions continued pouring in.

Georgia stated that People continued mentioning this fact to her and after a while when she was just lying down in her bed at night did she realize that there was a possibility of doing something for making this belief of the people a fun thing. She went on to say that this idea of hers was how the family of Lucy launched this little project. She also stated that it’s nothing but some fun that Lucy loves, and Lucy is so captivating and does the project wholeheartedly.

Lucy’s portrayal of Donald Trump has caught the imagination most viewers

Georgia stated that all the family members had attempted all varieties of celeb makeovers at Celebrity pictures from making her look like Taylor Swift, Mother of Toy Dragons and Nick Offerman. She believes that the portrayal Lucy as Donald Trump is the one that the people like the most. She says that Lucy’s portrayal of the politician is not meant to make any political declaration. Its sole objective is to show how humorous politics could be, and the fact is that nd people did find this portrayal hilarious.

Some of the photos of Lucy posted till now

Georgia has posted several photos of Lucy and among them are:

  • Lucy recreating one of the most important scenes of Marilyn Monroe from the movie “Seven Year Itch.”
  • Lucy recreating one of most eminent roles of Drew Barrymore
  • Lucy recreating one of the iconic album covers of the late Bowie
  • Lucy revamped as Rapunzel, the Disney favorite, in the back garden of the family
  • And more