Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids


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Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids

Jon W. Faust





Imagine stumbling into a world where kids can become superheroes and save the day. Imagine Helicopter Harry, a superhero who looks and sounds like Prince Harry of England, swooping in to rescue your hopes and dreams. Imagine flying at supersonic speeds, riding on the back of pterodactyls, and even traveling through time to meet Leonardo da Vinci. Follow ten-year-old twins Kate and Kyle as they enter such a world—an unforgettable superhero boot camp in which they learn an important lesson: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids By Jon Faust ISBN: 978-0615-34241-2 Kindle edition available for $2.99 on September 15th 2016; 189 pp.

Hardback combo collector’s edition with Da Vinci Dream Bank, $24.99, with a 20% discount for $19.99 for pre-orders. Download press kits at:www.helicopterharry.com

A Note from the Author

I lost my father to suicide at the age of nine. My mother was left alone with four kids to raise. There was a shortage of encouragement to go around, and my sisters got the lion’s share of it. I know from experience how important positive reinforcement is for children. I want to encourage kids to chase their dreams and aspirations, and not to settle for standard-issue careers. Michael Phelps was told he would never be a fast swimmer.

Michael Jordon was told he wasn’t good enough to play pro basketball. Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” What would have happened to them if they hadn’t chosen to follow their passions? Stories like this led me to create Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids, along with the Da Vinci Dream Bank, which I hope will encourage kids to write down their dreams. When we write down our goals in this way, it helps us focus on achieving them. – Jon W. Faust About the Book Jon W. Faust has followed several career paths throughout his life.

Jon did not intend to become an author but, as the years passed and he progressed through careers, he knew, if nothing else, he wanted his voice to be heard. He hoped his message would make a difference in the lives of children all over the world. “I worked with many editors and illustrators over the past 21 years, while constantly rewriting the storyline to make it fun and inspirational!”

In his book, “Helicopter Harry and the Copter Kids” ($2.99 Kindle edition; Mother Lode Press, LLC), Faust provides useful metaphors throughout the story to encourage kids to follow their dreams. “Life is a magical opportunity, but you have to create the magic!”


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