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Chengdu (China), 13th September 2016: More and more tourists are scouting through obscure places of China to explore interesting cultures and customs. One such place, which has recently gained popularity among these adventure spirits, is Kham.
If you want to experience the Tibetan culture, then undoubtedly, this place will not disappoint you. Kham is known for its fascinating scenic beauty, the splendid culture of diverse ethnicities, and profound history and religion.


AbsolutePanda, a travel company focused on various panda tours and China wildlife safari, can help you embark on this exciting adventure.

Experience the Tibetan Culture Adventure

The Tibetan culture is known for its profound religious system. So, you will gather a lot of knowledge about the religious minorities across the Kham region. Through their intensive agricultural system and magnificent architecture, you will discover some of the fascinating features around the Tibetan plateau, tracing the Chinese and Indian influences. AbsolutePanda also takes an initiative to visit the art galleries and hometowns of various Thangka artists, who excel at this art form.

Apart from these, you will experience the authentic and traditional customs of the Tibetan. You will be able to participate in the local festivals and enjoy the Tibetan food if you visit a local family. You will get the chance to capture an essence of their costumes, ornaments, food and other aspects of their lifestyle.


If you wish to enquire more about the itinerary of the trip or gather information regarding China wildlife safari tour, please visit their official website, www.absolutepanda.com.

About AbsolutePanda: This is a travel based company organizing tours to explore the wildlife in China. They offer professional services at beautiful destinations with fabulous itineraries. They provide meaningful and enlightening discussions with qualified and experienced guides. Along with a highly informative and enjoyable cultural adventure, they also express concern for nature and the endangered species.