Noddy Kidswear – Passion for fashion.

With the kid’s fashion industry on the rise worldwide, India is also seeing itself become a part of it. But there are some who foresaw it, with the motto ‘A Passion for Fashion’, Ishan Apparel is a leading manufacturer of boys’ branded casual wear India since 1991 under the brand ‘NODDY’. The brand has a Pan-India presence & is a well-organized name with the consumers across all the socio-economical class.

Noddy kidswear is known for its appeal throughout the various socio-economical classes. From entry level clothes25yearsofNODDY to top class outfits, Noddy has a wide array of clothing. Noddy has successfully struck the chord with its clients, with its latest fashioned clothes at the best prices. The legacy of Noddy is quite undisputed and a real measure of it is the fact it recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. To share the joy and happiness with its consumers, Noddy launched a competition in which every consumer had a chance to win an amazing price.

Not only the socio-economic but Noddy has also captured various market segments viz. both online and offline fashion stores. Noddy is a well-known brand in wholesale boys branded clothes but foreseeing the enormous opportunity in the online stores, it jumped right into it and launched its own website and the brand hasn’t turned back since then. The web store contains a wide range of clothes across numerous categories.

Noddy with a determination and passion for fashion is pressed on to make sure that no kids go without fashion, as they believe that ‘fashion is an intrinsic part of a kid’s personality, it affects the way they carry themselves.’ According to Noddy the most important pillars of kids fashion lies in being relevant and comfortable. The 3 pillars that Noddy kids wear places most important on are,

Healthy clothesKids’ skins are more delicate and sensitive than of adults. Their immune system is still in their primitive stage. This makes them prone to different kinds of allergies.

Comfortable clothes – Everyone wants comfortable wears, but when it comes to kids’ department, there could be no compromise. Parents prioritize comfort at the top.

Stylish clothes – This wouldn’t have been so important few years back, but today the demand for stylish kids’ clothes has risen up. And kids fashion clothes manufacturers have been quick to fill in this demand.

These are the pillars that Noddy claims; its brand is founded upon.