Liquor delivery not a new idea in LA



Contact: Shahe and Lena Basmajian

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Liquor delivery not a new idea in LA

Fine spirits and wine delivery is a hot news topic since some Internet retailers are experimenting with the idea, but liquor deliver in LA is not a new idea. It’s been going on for years.
Robert Burns Wines has been delivering the finest in adult beverages across the LA region for more than 40 years now. Those years have taught the owners, Shahe and Lena Basmajian, a few things about the delivery service that the startups don’t know.

“To start with, it’s all about the service. How soon can you get it there? When people order a bottle of liquor for delivery, they want it quickly. They don’t want it hours later,” Shahe Basmajian said. “Customer expectations run high and if you can’t meet that, you’re not going to stay in business.”

Selection is another critical factor. This is where independent distributors with connects excel, Basmajian said.
“If you want a bottle of Jack Daniels or Yukon Jack, pretty much any liquor store on the planet is going to have that. But if you want something exceptional, something that is not on the shelf at the grocery store or a giant chain liquor store, then you will have go to an independent liquor store,” he said.

He pointed to small batch whiskies and other fine spirits like those mentioned in Whisky Advocate magazine. Bottles of bourbon that sell for $100 or more for a fifth are not something that is kept in cases in a warehouse.
“Orphan Barrel, in Tennessee, is one of those companies. They sell small batch aged whiskies, typically bourbon, and they are aged as long as 24 years. You are not going to find these at a giant chain store,” he said. “It’s small batch and one-time-only. When it’s
sold out, it’s gone forever.”

Robert Burns Wines, like all independent liquor stores, does get small shipments of these small batch whiskies. They are available for purchase and delivery, but are not generally advertised.
“They are just too rare. We reserve them for special customers. That’s customer service you are not going to get from a giant retailer,” he said.

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