Why Invest in Floating Cork Flooring?

Floating cork flooring comes with several properties that make it a serious contender for those who are considering investing in a new floor. Corks most outstanding property is that it is a completely eco-friendly resource. Naturally made and clean manufacturing have made most cork products 100% recyclable, biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment even after it is no longer in use. Investing in cork will bring all of its interesting advantages into your space and add to the beauty of your decor. Cork products are incredibly durable and can become even more so with the proper maintenance and recommendations offered by the manufacturer.
One reason as to the popularity of floating cork flooring would be the fact installing this type of flooring can be done as a DIY project. Floating cork flooring planks come with a click together tongue and grove system so mistakes can be easily fixed. With a little elbow grease and adherence to all instructions, this project can be completed over a weekend instead of several days. Floating cork flooring also comes in a variety of colours and designs, so finding a style to fit your decor will be certain. And as always questions and concerns addressed to the manufacturer and distributor will be met with knowledgeable answers.
When in research of cork, seek experts who will delineate between products that provide products made of 100% cork without any added adverse chemicals, this will ensure you will be able to enjoy the best possible advantages. Other additives of course can reduce the eco-friendliness of any cork product.
Another reason why you should consider investing in floating cork flooring is the fact that cork is a great sound and warmth insulator. Cork is made up of millions of miniscule air cells similar to a honeycomb. These cells work as a barrier to prevent sound transfer as well as provide a wall to prevent heat or cold transfer. You’ll have a muted home that can retain ambient temperature for longer periods.
Floating cork flooring can be installed in any room or space, although some areas may require a bit more such as the bathroom or basement. Ask questions, especially from the manufacturer about the various cork products that they have in stock and allow them to guide you towards choosing the right ones for your home. When installed and sealed correctly, cork floating floors will bring you years of beauty and durability.

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