Cork – The Eco Friendly Flooring Option

Worried about your carbon footprint? About doing everything within your power to minimise the level of pollution that you and your family produce? Then we’ve got a flooring option that is considered one of the most Eco Friendly flooring products on the market today. Investing in a cork floor, not only does it offer some of the best benefits, it does so in a manner that lessens the negative impact we have on our surrounding environment. What makes cork an Eco Friendly flooring option is the fact that no cork oak trees are harmed or felled, only their bark is peeled off. Truly earth-conscious manufactures add no toxic or harmful ingredients during the production process, resulting in a 100% eco-friendly product.
Consider the fact that the floor of a room is the most used surface. You walk on it to get from one part of the room to another. This particular action causes vibrations, which end up producing noise pollution. Invest in a cork floor and you would reduce this affect. That is because cork is an amazing sound insulator. Another fact to consider is that cork can also help you reduce running air conditioning and the heating systems. With cork as a flooring or walling material, it acts as a thermal barrier, so outside influences have less of an impact on the ambient temperature of your home. This means that both hot and cold air will be kept in a room for longer periods of time. Add to that the fact that a cork surface is warm to the touch and luxuriate in the knowledge that cold feet are a thing of the past when you walk barefoot on your new floor. It’s also easy on your joints and knees as cork works somewhat like memory foam. It’s elastic structure allows it to cushion impact and revert to its original shape.
If you opt for a floating floor, another one of the pluses is that you have the opportunity to install it yourself. Unlike glue-down tiles, floating cork floors come with a tongue and grove click together system. Take a weekend and turn a floating cork floor into a DIY project. Install a floor made out of cork and enjoy it for the following decades!

If you have been thinking about investing in Eco Friendly flooring, but do not really know where to start looking for the best provider, you might want to know that you don’t actually need to deal with the entire searching process. You can benefit from your own cork floor by simply visiting our site right away!