Artist Bronzo Sheds Light on Troubles With “No Love”




Artist Bronzo Sheds Light on Troubles With “No Love”

Virginia’s Most Heartfelt Rapper is a Man With a Message

 NORFOLK, VA – Rap artist Bronson Tor’res Garner, better known to fans as “Bronzo,” has experienced more tragedy in his short life than most. Embedded in the struggles of crime and poverty that surround the Norfolk, Virginia area, Bronzo is determined to use music as a way up and out of the streets, and onto bigger and better things for himself and his family. The spark that lit Bronzo’s musical flame was the admiration and love he has for his brother, Darick, who was executed by lethal injection in 2011. Despite immense loss, followed by a bout of depression, Bronzo is more determined than ever to rise from the ashes.

Mere hours before Darick’s execution, Bronzo met with his brother in the infamous prison where the DC Sniper was executed. Darick, ever the calm and collected presence, was “all smiles,” as though he wasn’t facing his own impending death. When reality hit, Daricktold Bronzo to stick with his musical aspirations. “He told me to keep rapping and singing, and said one day, it would pay off,” explains the rapper. Bronzo heeded his older brother’s advice, and continued to work on his craft, which garnered him representation by Park Ave Records. Park Ave’s CEO, Skreen, has kept an eye on Bronzo’s musical talent since the young age of thirteen, and has served as a mentor and motivator for the budding star. “He’s got so much to offer and he has a bubbly personality. He’s lyrical and his delivery is clear. I’m here to push him,” Skreen confesses, “There’s always someone in his corner to push him.”

Bronzo’s latest project, “No Love,” is a testimony of trials and struggles in Virginia and beyond. If you’ve turned on your news lately, you’ve likely noticed stories of racial disparity, police brutality, and staggering poverty. But, according to Bronzo, there is still so much one cannot see just by watching the news. “Things happen everywhere,” says Bronzo, “But where I’m from, there’s no love. My song is about that struggle.” The song sheds light on the world through the artist’s eyes, and gives both jewels of motivation and a narrative of ills and struggles.

One thing’s certain for Bronzo: The artist refuses to fall into the footsteps of his older brother. Although Norfolk is rife with crime and poverty, the up and coming rapper has a vision for his life and is determined to make it out of Virginia without falling prey to the ills of his city. His advice for other young artists? “My advice is to chase your dreams. Follow your dreams, don’t quit on it. It don’t come easy, but it will pay off one day.”

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