Advantages of Cork Flooring

Want to invest in the best possible flooring option for your residence. Then take a look at an option that brings some of the best benefits all in one product. We are talking about a product that can offer you a prolific list of advantages, starting with the fact that you will be able to enjoy its amazing appearance for generations to come. With proper care and maintenance this flooring product will give you the opportunity to save money and effort otherwise wasted. Cork.
What does this mean? Well, cork flooring is an durable material that is resistant to damage. But that is also dependent upon the quality of the cork material and the finish that used. Like other hardwoods, cork is wood-based and comes with some drawbacks. However, since cork flooring is a composite, other elements can be added to make it even more resilient. The best and highest quality cork flooring will withstand the test of time.
Another advantage cork flooring brings to a home would be a reduction in energy or heating bills. How is this possible, because cork is a natural insulator. The air pocket honeycomb structure of cork reduces the loss of heat during winter days or the dissipation of cold air during hot summer days. This means furnaces and air conditioners will use less output to maintain the ambient temperature you want. A definite plus.
Another plus that cork flooring brings is that it provides a surface unlike other hardwoods and stone tiles. The same cellular structure of cork gives its surface a warm pleasant feeling when touched or walked on. Cork is elastic, similar to memory foam. Pressure will compress it, but remove that and cork bounces back to its original shape.
Cork is available as two styles of application. Floating cork planks or glue down tiles. There is quite a difference between floating and glued down cork flooring, but both options will offer you incredible advantages. Floating cork floors are more expensive but have a much more simple install process. Glue-down tiles are less expensive, but come with a more complicated and higher installation and additional material cost.
Don’t let this deter you. The benefits of a cork floor far outweighs its cost. If you suffer from allergies delight in the fact that cork is hypo-allergenic; it repels dust, mould, mildew and insects. Shop wise, shop cork and learn about all the good this eco-friendly material can bring to your home.

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