Did You Know That Tooth Decay Can Be Caused by Vitamin Deficiency?

National Center for Biotechnology published their research about the relation of vitamin deficiency and tooth decay. In their research, it showed that children with sufficient diet of Vitamin D, which is also associated with bone health, has a lower risk of developing dental caries or tooth decay.

Basically, dental caries is a tooth infection caused by bacteria present in the mouth. The bacteria convert certain sugars into acid, which demineralize the hard tissues of your teeth. Frequent snacking of food with high sugar content and insufficient saliva can increase the risk of developing tooth decay.

The University of Manitoba professors investigated just how deep the interplay between dental caries and Vitamin D goes by observing 1,017 children from ages 6 to 11 through Canadian Health Measures Survey. Each of the children were individually assessed and underwent dental examinations to check for tooth decay and other oral issues. The children also were also submitted blood tests to determine the concentration level of Vitamin D in their system.

In the group about 56.4% of the children has tooth decay; but the researchers deemed that the data collected suggests that there is a relationship between lower vitamin D levels and occurrence of dental caries. It also showed the children with sufficient to optimal Vitamin D concentration levels in their system experienced fewer tooth decay than the children who have less than sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

Overall, children with optimum Vitamin D concentration level had 39% reduced chance of developing tooth decay whereas those with sufficient volume had 47% lower chance of getting tooth decay. The researchers also suggest that by improving the children’s Vitamin D intake may be considered as a supplementary preventive measure to help lower the risk of developing tooth decay.

Experts recommend getting more sunlight, eating Vitamin D rich food such as salmon, tuna and fortified dairy and cereal or taking Vitamin D supplements can help increase the Vitamin D levels in the body.

However, if you have dental caries and want to take Vitamin D supplement, it is highly unlikely to make your caries grow worse or cause you any medical problems, as long as you consume less than 10,000 IU of Vitamin D per day. But, you shouldn’t take Vitamin D as a replacement for treatments or medications for your tooth decay. It is best to seek advice from your dentist about taking supplements and also treating your dental carries.