Gala – redesigning the ordinary cleaning products.

Home cleaning products are the biggest weapons and tools of homemakers across the globe and India. But not much has changed in the cleaning products, sure there are vacuum cleaners available for a long time but if you ask homemakers they will tell you that ‘vacuums doesn’t work half so well as brooms.’ Brooms are still made of grass that sheds a load of chaff before it can be used for cleaning. Gala is reinventing the cleaning products keeping the Indian homemakers in mind.

One of such reinvention is No dust broom and it has already become a favourite among homemakers. “Different from usual grass filled floor brooms that are used contemporarily. The domestic help / house maid instantaneously spotted the difference, as this is filled with fibre spikes.” Said a no dusty broom user, “My wife liked this broom as it cleans well and lasts three times longer than the usual broom.” Said another. A different user said, “Very similar to the natural grass broom, the best part is that it can be used on damp floors. A conservative household like mine has welcomed this broom with a huge smile!”

But No Dust Broom is not the only tool that Gala has reinvented, from scrub to toilet cleaning brushes and mops. Gala is changing the way Indian homemakers clean their homes. Home cleaning industry was filled with local brands and sub-standard products when Gala entered the market in 1986, but today it is one of the biggest players in the segment.

Gala Brush is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of cleaning tools in India since 1986. Along the way, Gala has received many awards and recognition for its successful export business and has been a pioneer in the cleaning tools industry in India.

Freudenberg Gala Household Products (FGHP) was formed in 2009 as the result of a joint venture between Gala Brush (based in Mumbai) and Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (based in Weinheim, Germany).

Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions is a Freudenberg company and a world leader in cleaning tools with Vileda being the most popular brand. FHCS is present is all over the world with successful brands for over 60 years now. In India, the company is present in all leading modern trade outlets and also distributed in the general trade/grocery stores via a network of over 250 distribution partners.