Effective Tips on Accuracy of Tracking Which Surely Boost Your Affiliate Marketing

Tracking is an important element in affiliate marketing. Different online businesses are using affiliate tracking application to generate ROI. When affiliates are succeeding at passing traffic to advertisers’ website, and after that any purchases made by those visitors from that site, that are easily recorded in the tracking application. As a consequence, affiliate receives a proportion of the sale which generated through that visitor. Naturally there is no doubt that tracking affiliate is the crux of affiliate marketing.

Implications of Accurate Tracking
Identification of correct affiliate is vital for payouts. The task is not easy without having accuracy. Tracking application clinches accurate tracking; the lack of which can lead to several disputes between affiliates and advertisers. So accuracy of tracking is always key. Tracking is a vital ingredient for advertisers. With the fast growing of the affiliate marketing, several companies have developed tracking application. It is crucial to select perfect tracking application which fulfilled your need properly. Affiliate tracking application ensures consistency and accuracy for your affiliate marketing. It also helps in building sound and robust relationships with your affiliates.

What Kind of Methods Required To Track Accuracy
Perfect affiliate tracking application provides two types of tracking method in the system for accuracy.
a)Pixel Based Tracking (Cookie-Based Tracking)
b)Server Based Tracking (Cookie-Less Tracking)

a)Pixel based Tracking
Pixel based tracking is the most common tracking method for tracking conversion. Pixel-based tracking use cookies to track conversion because they can store the session values in the cookie, and the way pixel are deliberated to track, can extort this information from the browser simply. This method is completely reliant on the user’s browser. You can use different types of pixel to track conversion. The accuracy of the tracking is achieved by exploiting the concept of pixel tracking.

While using the Pixel based tracking the perfect system generates the tracking link and the pixel code which helps to track accurate conversion in an easy manner.

b)Server based Tracking

Server Post back with Transaction ID
Server post back with transaction ID is the normal method for tracking conversions on the server-side. With the transaction ID, server keeps tracking on while click takes place, all the values passed from the affiliate, and where the user comes from, and attributes this to when the same user converted on the offer.

Server Post back with Affiliate ID
The second method for tracking conversions on the server-side is to use the affiliate ID. By specifying the offer ID and affiliate ID on conversion, this would be sufficient data to determine what will be the payout and revenue for the affiliate for that conversion.

Which Tracking Protocol Should Use For Accuracy?
An advantage of Server to Server technology is accuracy. Post-back tracking is generally the best option for implementing highly accurate tracking solution. The tracking application generates unique Transaction IDs and Affiliate IDs and this is the most familiar technique of cookie-less tracking. The advertiser is responsible for storing IDs and then passing back to the tracking server when a user completes a conversion. Pixel based tracking or cookie based tracking unable to track mobile conversion. So always stay with cookie-less tracking.

Final Thoughts
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