ISi Gourmet Whip: Every Chef Must Have this Tool

If you ask any seasoned modern chef about some of the tools they cannot work without, most will tell you that the iSi Gourmet Whip is a crucial part of their every day’s work. This has since changed and these gadgets along with the whipped cream canisters now play a significant role in facilitating molecular gastronomy chefs to result in new elements that make it possible for them to express different flavors and textures in great innovative techniques.

Preparing whipped cream has never been this easy, especially when needed coffee recipes, soup, as well as pastry topping. You no longer have to endure the vigorous manual labor that involves whisking and beating ingredients. With the cream whippers, you will be required to stuff it up with your preferred heavy cream, sugars and a chosen flavor after which you close it up and slip in the N02 canisters. All that remains is to shake it for a few minutes and voila! To properly use the items, you need to build your understanding about them and

Despite being a versatile gadget, preparations are usually foolproof and can last for several days whereas the traditional versions were required to present immediately to help maintain the form and flavors that you struggled so hard to achieve. Exactly what is the iSi whip? This is a tool that relies on gas and pressure to create and whip the foams, fluffy sauces or infusions within a fraction of a minute. These are cylindrical stainless steel whipped cream canisters featuring a handle and assorted tips for form dispensing. The gas used in the iSi whip is N2O and also comes in a recyclable and disposable whipped cream charger. The inert N2O whip charger is then attached to the canisters and inject the required amount of gas needed to result in the final product.

The Gourmet Whip features a brushed finish and is available in three different capacities: ¼ liter, ½ liter, and the Whip Plus liter. The iSi Thermo Whip is the only product in the market that is specifically designed to handle cool foods for about 8hours without the need to refrigerate and hot foods for about 3 hours with a capacity of ½ a liter. There are several types of iSi Whips in the market designed to meet consumer’s specific needs. Using the iSi gourmet whip presents several advantages to the user. Some of these benefits include, efficiency, product quality, durability and the ability to use the tools for several purposes.

Some of the innovative iSi whip applications include mousses, cocktail foams, moist sponge cakes, fruit carbonation, faux truffles, and marinade injections. For the best results, do not limit your creativity. There is more one can do with these tools. With the right tool, transforming your meals with tasty cream topping is now relatively easy. You do not need to be an expert to use these tools.

Instead of investing in several tools to help make foams, frostings, infusion and sauces, with a iSi gourmet whip you have a single tool to do all these. The best part is, whipped cream canister is inexpensive.