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Seed treatment market deals with the process of treating seeds with chemicals or organic substances before planting to protect seeds from potential pathogens. Demand for crop protection chemicals or seed treatment chemicals growing at high global growth rates with rising adoption of seed coating around the world. The practice of seed dressing is expected to continue to grow and seed protection is not going to fall anytime soon. Outburst of population is driving the demand and supply for seed treatment chemical agents to repel pathogens.

What’s driving the Seed Treatment Market? Prime Reasons:

  • Inevitable need for high quality seeds to satisfy growing food demand from constantly rising global population
  • Technological advancements in treatment process like bio-farming, genetic modification facilities etc
  • Rising seed treatment demand from people owing to increased awareness about effects of agrochemical residues in food
  • Growing laws and rules from safety regulatory agencies about careful usage of agrochemicals

Top Growth Opportunities in Seed Treatment Market:

Gone are the days when this was used only for pure agriculture purposes. Increasing adoption of horticulture has paved way for application of this market in horticulture as well.; thus creating high future scope.

Chemicals or agrochemicals available specific to the needs and nature of seeds; this paves way for further invention.

Working on the eco-friendly nature of these chemicals can be a platform for healthy growth investment. (can be used in very small quantities in treatments unlike conventional pesticides and fungicides)

Type and Application Brief of Seed Treatment Market:

Corn and Maize noted to be the most revenue generating segments with more than 30% of the overall share. On the other hand, soybeans and fungicides are analyzed to be the fastest growing markets with around 10% and 12% projected CAGR growth rates during forecast period until 2020/2021.

Soybean seed treatment, corn seed treatment, rice seed treatment and cotton seed treatment are the top 4 application or end user types of this market.

Regional Outlook of Seed treatment Market:

Americas (both North America and South America) own the maximum market share, according to IndustryARC. Due to self-awareness regarding health among consumers around the world, the demand for this market is gradually increasing globally.

APAC is witnessing the fastest growth rate owing to the high speed growth of population in this region. APAC holds insecticides as 50% owner of the overall sales booster. The Americas is considered to rule the global market even during the forecast period.

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Segmentation and Vendors Insights of Seed Treatment Market:

IndustryARC classifies the Seed Treatment Market into simple 3 broad types owing to certain deciding factors. Each of the main types are segmented further into sub types. All the types and sub segments are clearly included with in-depth analysis in this market research report.

  1. By Type of Treatment: Chemical and Non Chemical Agents
  2. BY Types of Crop: Corn, Wheat, Cotton, Rice and Others
  3. By Regional Basis: Americas, Europe, APAC and ROW

Leading Players: Bayer Science Corporation, BASF SE, Dow Agro Sciences LLC, Nufarm Limited and Sumitomo Corporation are sample 5 competitors included in this research analysis report. More than 40 players of the seed treatment market are studied.

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