Warrior Savitri Movie Review

Warrior Savitri Movie Review2

Film: Warrior Savitri
Cast: Niharica Raizada, Rajat Barmecha, Om Puri, Gulshan Grover
Direction: Param Gill
Rating: * *
Runtime: 123 mins

Savitri may have tricked Yama –the God of Death into letting Satyavan live (as the myth goes) but this post-modern reboot of the ancient tale doesn’t have what it takes to even liven up the audience interests- leave along bring Satya back to life.

Savitri a.k.a Savvy (Niharica Raizada) is born of conservative Rajasthani stalk but once she meets N R I, Satya(Rajat Bharmecha) and falls in love with him, not even her father (Aditya Raj Kapoor)or Panditji( Karamveer Choudhari) ’s objections to their ill-fated marriage can stop her.

So marry Satya She does and they promptly fly to the USA where a series of near death experiences( for Satya of course) convinces her that there’s more to astrology and fate than she ever believed. Savitri is a martial arts expert and her skills come to the fore when Satya’s enemies make several attempts on his life. She has verbal jousts with Yama(Om Puri) and even infiltrates Money John(Ron Smoorenberg)’s business to rescue her dear husband from financial indebtedness and eventually manages the Houdini act.

Unfortunately it comes as an anti-climax because there were no smarts involved in the effort. The narrative is extremely patchy and inconsistent. The cinematography lacks sheen and polish, the performances are hopelessly hampered by diction problems, and attempts to throw in some risqué elements in the form of Lucy Pinder( a wannabe Sunny Leone) and Niharica doing a pole dance, comes across as half-baked.

Even the action is amateurishly executed. The premise had promise but the sheer bedlam that passes off as an orchestrated narrative makes everything look ridiculous. Even the pacing is so botched up that you’d want to run out much before the final scene is played out. Frankly director param.has done fair job but script let him down completely.