I.C.E Squad

Listening to Metamorphosis the album with “Vibin” being one of my favorite songs and overall things to do, what can I say other than I.C.E Squad has made an impression. To be completely honest; it’s impossible to think that a rap fan should hate this album at all, even if it is massively commercial. It’s inevitable that if only the best five songs were taken from this album, “Metamorphosis” can be one of the greatest rap album’s ever, but in this case, the fact that Ice squad demonstrated excellent content, all one should know is that true musicianship still exists. In fact, there’s no filler to be found here. Really? All eleven songs are well produced, has great content and it’s almost like finding a new era of great music again. In addition, one would believe Ice squad potential “dumb down” Metamorphosis? Yes, some of the songs are about partying, but who gives a rat’s ass, when the record is good.


I.C.E Squad covered a whole lot of other great topics on this this album, pay attention to other songs like; “I Declare War“, “Squad up”, and “Welcome to the cypher”. Out of all party rappers, Ice squad is easily on their way to greatest not because the production is great on Metamorphosis; Ice squad become an essential part of the beats themselves and making the instrumental versions of these songs Amazing, but Ice squad wrote these songs where you have to read between the lines, as they are certain jabbing a current music on the market. If Ice squad keep up this type of production the two can be seen as “rapping poets” like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and others.


So the more one Listen and think, the more one will appreciate “Metamorphosis” Album. Not only is it ta great album, but also it will become renown, leaving a legacy long after they not rapping poet anymore. Both seasoned hip hop veterans and newcomers alike must hear this album, there’s a whole lot to digest even if it’s one of the most accessible rap albums on Earth. Metamorphosis can cements Ice squads position as one of the most needed rapper groups and has great medium in order to influential hip hop in it’s current stat. overrated? Absolutely, Not! This group will probably become one the best album in south. There is no reason Ice squad should not make in on CMJ Charts, Billboard, Top Artist on Spotify, Soundcloud and other media that is necessary.

Listen to entire album for free on Google play here: https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Icesquad?id=A4a5flpdhkakczbmvmritmyrnku&hl=en and subscribe to Ice squads YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/icesquadrecords  and Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/2lmCN0jpOnm2xOkNxYCNBA. Be apart of movement that is necessary to growth in musicianship.


About Ice squad:

I.C.E. Squad Entertainment, (formally I.C.E. Squad Records established in 2008), re-launched and rebranded in the fall of 2015. I.C.E. Squad Entertainment is determined to display that success can be possible while standing firm on three basic ideologies “Integrity, Character and Excellence”; producing music that is clean and positive in nature. Without utilizing profanity, the glorification of violence, drug or alcohol abuse and references to promiscuity, the label pushes to establish itself with new and unique concepts while staying welcoming to artists and fans alike. With the latitude to discover and promote new talent, the label understands humble beginnings while having sights set on global expansion.