Essential facts about pre-paid and insurance-based funeral plans New Forest

Nobody likes the subject of death and most people avoid it like a plague. But things are nowadays taking a whole different dimension as many companies offering funeral services New Forest have sprouted up. More and more people are now talking about funeral plans New Forest, especially for the dying family members. Even though it sounds like unacceptable, it is an effective way to leave the successors behind a better life to lead.

When thinking about funeral plans, the subject that most people usually think of is financial support to make the funeral ceremony happen in a smooth way. Basically there are two forms of financial products that are suitable for planning a funeral. There are the pre-paid and the insurance-based funeral plans. The first one is simply a payment made to a funeral director in advance for the provision of the funeral services. An insurance-based funeral plan is a policy purchased through monthly payment of premiums. It act as an investment that can be directed towards funding a funeral.

While opting for funeral services in New Forest, a person or their family should consider either to go for the pre-paid funeral plan or for the insurance-based funeral plan. Each of these plans has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before making a decision.

Usually the full cost of funeral plans New Forest is not necessarily guaranteed by any of the two forms. For instance, in the pre-paid plan, one only gets what they have paid for. So there is a need to make product comparisons so as to know what is included and what is missing that might be necessary. For instance, if death occurs in a distance far from what has been registered, additional costs of transportation will have to be incurred. But for an insurance-based plan, it will depend on the returns that the investment has achieved, hence the paid amount might not cover the full cost of funeral plans.

Concerning the safety of the money paid towards the funeral services New Forest, the pre-paid funeral plan’s payments are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. But funeral directors who have membership of the Funeral Planning Authority can sign up for voluntary scheme that guarantees it. For the insurance-based funeral plans, they are usually protected by FSCS if the provider get busted.


When buying funeral plans in New Forest, one ought to look for the services that are included in a particular plan. For instance, in the pre-paid plans, some facilities like coffins or flowers may not be included that are needed. So it means there’s more money to pay. With the investment-based funeral plans, the amount available may not go far towards catering for all the costs included. There might be some other constraints, such as no payout until a particular number of monthly premium payments has been attained.

With the pre-paid plans, it is possible for a person to give instructions to the funeral directors on what they want to be done so that their family members have very little part to take in the entire funeral arrangement process. But the funeral directors are usually not completely involved on the insurance-based plans. The insurance-based plan simply provides money to pay for the funeral.

Whether choosing the pre-paid or insurance-based funeral plans New Forest , families of the deceased need to make an informed decision on a plan that will cater for each aspect of their needs during the funeral. Companies offering funeral services New Forest have the capacity to cater for all the needs of a family, only the family needs to make a wise choice on which plan to go with.