How to Care for Leather Shoes For Men

There is not much of a difference between a $150 pair of shoes and a $500 pair until after a few months of use. High end footwear is usually hand-made with high quality stitching as well as quality leather. However, if you want your best leather shoes in india to distinguish itself from average footwear, you must do some extra work. Otherwise, you will have ended up paying premium for no reason. Below are a few tips you can take to ensure that your  leather shoes for men  live up to their full potential.

1- Use shoe trees! It is vital to the life of any shoe that you use shoe trees. Quality shoe trees can extend the life of any shoe, not just expensive ones. It is recommended that you use full cedar shoe trees because they absorb moisture left behind throughout the day. The size of the tree is also something important keep in mind. If they are too small, they will not do their intended job and if they are too big they will stretch the shoe out.

2- Wipe clean! Even if you do not use any other polish or cream, you should always wipe your shoes clean with a damp and soft towel. Notice the use of the word damp, not wet. After words, allow your shoes to air dry.


3- Shoe polish- There is a plethora of, creams, polishes, oils, and waxes that you can use for your shoes. However, based on experience, a conditioner and occasional wax whenever the shoe seems a little dull is more than enough. The conditioner will keep the leather from cracking and drying while the wax will bring back the new shoe shine.

4- Cobbling- Perhaps the biggest difference between high quality, lasting shoes and cheap, disposable shoes is that the latter are not repairable. Cobblers, better known as shoe repairmen, can oftentimes replace the outer sole, the inner sole and make your leather shoes look like new again. Almost all shoes with stitched leather soles can be replace. Many Goodyear Welt rubber soles can also be resoled. Shoes that are neither stitched or Goodyear Welt can not be resoled. The only thing that can not be repaired on any shoe is cracked or cut leather. This means that if you have somehow managed to make a cut on the leather, there is a very large possibility that you will not be able it repaired.



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