J&M Consulting Firm Provides Adequate Funding For Your Business

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J&M Consulting Firm Provides Adequate Funding For Your Business
Outstanding Performance with Our Lending Anytime!
FL, USA: J&M Consulting Firm announces its variety of consulting services, completely formulated to support your business to accomplish its potentials. Irrespective of whether your business requires small or large amount of loan, understanding rates to accept credit cards provided by merchant services, a tweak or comprehensive rebuild, Our services are accessible ”a la carte” in order to affirm and secure exactly what your business need.

J&M Consulting Firm satisfies all industry categories and put businesses on the right path to attain its set goals, in addition J&M Consulting Firm understands your busy work schedule and provides free online consultation. This enables business owners to send all required documents through our protected online portal developed to create your favorite username & password.

The managing partner of J&M Consulting Firm said “everyone can be part of our Tuesday program on our talk radio show 1010 AM Money Talks “Diverse Building Builders.” Hear us on live radio & join the family. We don’t just provide business loans, we are advocates for all your business goals. Your growth is our growth. Get close and personal and call in, let us know what’s going on with your business, we are here to assist”

J&M Consulting Firm lending program is nationwide & now Canada and will leave no stone unturned until your business goals, possibly for working capital, payroll, opening a 2nd or third business location or perhaps refurbishing are accomplished. J&M Consulting Firm is working with affiliate partners to deliver and satisfy all business units on the following diverse lending services:
– Lending from $5,000 – $200 Million.
– New Businesses with 6 month financials.
– Online Business minimum 1 year in business
-Home based business
– For multiple loans and a 630 and above FICO credit score, our team can consolidate all existing loans & put it in a 3 year term at (5.75%), in addition your business maybe eligible to receive additional working capital (solely designed for stacking loans), J&M Consulting Firm will also place the business in our NO-Stacking Program designed with a line of credit, so your business will no longer have to take multiple loans again.
-Own Real Estate Property free & clear with a business? Structure collateral loan offering 3x’s as much any loan requested amount (need current property tax bill w/ proof of title w/no liens).
-MCA Loans still available (Merchant Credit Card Process). Strictly on volume process on credit cards sales.
-Entertainment Industry.
-Equipment Leasing,
-Non-recourse Factoring on all your invoices (payroll, equipment, material, and all construction needs).
-Hybrid line of credit based on equipment, inventory & receivables…min 600k in value
-Bridge loans available.
-Acquisitions Loans
-75% LTV Commercial Loans no docs needed
-65% LTV Commercial Loans no docs needed
-Commercial Real Estate( plazas, gas stations, buildings),
About: J&M Consulting Firm realizes that almost all industries, in executing business are special. It’s examine and identify your path to growth, make strategic plans to meet your business needs and implement a robust risk management system for minimizing risks along the way. One-size-fits-all approach will not benefits your business to reach its full capability. J&M Consulting Firm delivers custom solutions, tailored for your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind challenges. Our proven reputation motivates us to manage outstanding customer satisfaction & feedback.
Media Contact Information: J&M Consulting Firm, 19046 Bruce B. Downs Suite 89 Tampa FL 33647 US, www.jandmconsultingfirm.com, Telephone: 1866-930-7010, Fax: 1585-486-6666, Email: info@jandmconsultingfirm.com. For gift certificate (when qualify and funded) please mention Reference #DH31198