Stand out with the perfect medical CV

No matter what your medical speciality, you need to ensure your CV stands out for the right reasons. On average, the person who is shortlisting the candidate resumes will spend only two minutes on each CV to determine whether you are a right match for the vacant position. A good CV is relevant, clear and concise, and match your skills and experience within it to the relevant person specification for the post you are applying for.
Presentation of your CV
• Length – As a rule of thumb, a length of three to eight pages is sensible. Quality is much more important than quantity.
• Format – Avoid using differing fonts and formatting in each section. Ensure the layout is consistent.
• Stating facts – do not embellish your CV with useless facts or untrue testaments.
Structuring your CV
• Personal details
• Personal statement
• Education/Qualifications
• Career History
• Clinical Skills
• Courses
• Research Experience
• Clinical Audit
• Publications
• Presentations
• Teaching experiences
• Personal interests
• Referees
Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee the CV you create will fit the expectations of a potential employer. There is no set formula, no absolute guide, no strict set of rules, exists to building the perfect CV, in any industry or profession, much less in the medical field where skills, education and experiences varies greatly. However, a well structured and thought out CV might just make you stand out enough to get you into that interview. Never be afraid to ask for help reviewing your CV as another set of eyes can ensure that all the hard work you have invested during your career is presented in the best possible light. When applying for job vacancies abroad, make sure you do your research to find out if there are any additional requirements such as language, attestation of documents or proficiency tests that you might need prior to submitting your application.

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