SI Marketing LLC d/b/a MonsterAds Announces the Appointment of Chris Patrick as Managing Partner


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SI Marketing LLC d/b/a MonsterAds Announces the Appointment of Chris Patrick as Managing Partner

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, August 23, 2016 – SI Marketing LLC, a renowned organization that specializes in online business, and consists of ecommerce and other thriving online marketing companies, is excited to announce the appointment of Chris Patrick as the Managing Partner of MonsterAds – a division of SI Marketing LLC, a Puerto Rico company.

This indeed is a notable achievement, owing to Chris Patrick’s diligence, creativity, expertise, professionalism, and years of enviable experience in the field of Network Management, Business Development, Tracking Platform Development and all aspects of marketing campaigns.

Prior to his appointment as Managing Partner of MonsterAds, Chris Patrick has been an independent contractor providing online consulting and Network Management assistance for SI Marketing LLC and MonsterAds.

Ben Cagle, Chairman of the Board of SI Marketing LLC said; “I am absolutely thrilled about this latest development. Chris is one of the nicest and most professional individuals I have the pleasure of working with in my personal and professional life. Because of his dedication, integrity, creativity and dependability, we have decided to offer him the position of Managing Partner for SI Marketing LLC based out of Puerto Rico.” Franklyn Weichselbaum, President of SI Marketing LLC added; “Chris has been a key part of the success and growth of MonsterAds and we are very excited to see him take on these additional duties with the company and continue to grow MonsterAds and bring new business.”

It is noteworthy to mention that SI Marketing LLC has been operating in Puerto Rico since 2015. Speaking excitedly, Chris Patrick said; “I am delighted with this new challenge, and I know that all MonsterAds advertisers and publishers will be pleased too. I am bringing my wealth of experience to bear in this new role, to help our advertisers and publishers achieve maximum results. This new role will allow me to continue the growth of MonsterAds as a leader in the performance marketing industry as well as sourcing new business opportunities for SI Marketing LLC.”

“Chris has been instrumental in the growth of MonsterAds and SI Marketing LLC, and is someone we can trust to direct the parent company of SI Marketing LLC well into the future. Suffice it to say that the position is effective immediately, and Chris will be relocating to Puerto Rico in September 2016, to assume his new role with the company” Ben concluded.

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