The Proper Use of Voucher Code Helps to Drive Sales in Affiliate Marketing

Pursuing discount is now part of the purchasing process. The main reason for using voucher code is to drive sales. Voucher code can be the tipping point in the purchase decision process. Voucher code is very easy to implement. For each coupon, an advertiser can set explicit discount amount so it can increase the sales value.

What is Voucher Code?
Voucher code is an alphanumeric code, consisting of letters or numbers that consumers can enter into a promotional box on a site’s shopping cart page to obtain a discount on their purchase.

Points that Advertisers Should Keep in Mind While Using Voucher Code

1)Be clear about what is you are offering
Always be clear what is you are offering.
2)Focus on the Margin of Discount
Always focus on the margin that you can afford. But 2%, 1.5% off is never going to flash major customer interest.
3)Terms and Conditions
Vouchers should always be offered alongside clear terms and conditions of user that an affiliate can display. It enhances transparency for consumers.
4) Be Cautious while using Voucher Code
The challenge that face by advertisers and affiliates is that sometimes voucher code is being shared by consumers or stolen from the sites. Using perfect affiliate tracking solution can be a remedy for it.

Voucher Code Drives Sales
Voucher codes are extremely powerful in motivating consumers to purchase products and services. Its popularity in recent years has grown significantly. An extra discount always increases customer’s impulse. Voucher code can drive significant volumes for advertisers. Performance marketing is such an aggressive industry that without offering at least lucrative commission, an advertiser will merely not be able to draw attention of affiliates who will devote their time in helping to construct a flourishing brand.

Need a Perfect Affiliate Solution Provider for Tracking Voucher Code

The challenge that face by advertisers and affiliates is that sometimes voucher code is being shared by consumers or stolen from the sites. However, a SaaS based performing marketing application resolves this problem quite competently. Voucher code is generated automatically as well as manually in the system for preventing stealing and unrestrained spreading of voucher code. Because generated voucher code in the system is usable only once or can only be used when associated with a particular affiliate unique ID. Actually to track conversion in the perfect system, pixel code is used. This type of pixel code is fired from the advertiser’s sever instead of browser page. With server based tracking the application is responsible for storing the affiliate unique ID and passing it back to the tracking server when a user completes a conversion. Through this affiliate unique ID advertiser will identify the correct affiliate. So after issuing the voucher code advertiser will easily understand through the system which affiliate is responsible for conversion and he will easily get payout.

A small Overview of Generating Voucher Code in Affiliate Solution Provider
Voucher code is a noteworthy feature of affiliate tracking application like Adwalnut.

Process of Creating Voucher Code
1)Click on the + button on the Voucher Code section. A Voucher form will open up.

2)After that simply fill up the form and click on the Save Voucher Code.

Voucher Code Easily Passed in Tracking Link
After generating the Voucher Code, while advertiser creating tracking link the voucher code is generated from voucher and show the code in Placeholder. After creating the voucher code while clicking on the new tracking, the parameters get passed in the Pixel/Conversion code. The code will show as{voucherCode}&type=vCode&mode=con

Adding Voucher Code in the offer can be a real money-spinner. Everybody loves to receive a discount so it will boost business too. Every advertiser should use Voucher code for driving sales. So take full advantage, make your own discount codes, tweak them and see which one works best for you. If any advertiser uses voucher code with perfect affiliate tracking application like Adwalnut ( ) then this feature helps to reach him into new horizon. So don’t think twice this is the ultimate solution of performance marketing. Just get started at and discover the power of performance marketing.

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