Flexitanks Market Size, Growth and Trends Report 2022 by Radiant Insights

Flexitanks has become a key alternative for companies as it is more cost-effective than ISO tanks & drums. Competitive advantages offered by flexitanks include as ease of set up, portability and foldability has expanded the product demand worldwide.

Polypropylene and polyethylene disposable bladders have conquered several problems associated with other IBC (Intermediate bulk container), Intermodal containers or drum containers, therefore driving the product demand. These bladders allow only-one time usage of the inner plastic bags, lowering the risks of cross-contamination.

Rising availability of advance means of transport coupled with globalization has augmented the commodity trade. In addition, this has cut down the transportation costs and increased the efficiency. Shippers have shifted their preference to bulk shipping as it is highly cost efficient, thus driving the global flexitanks market.

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The worldwide flexitanks industry is segmented based on products, applications and regions. Products include single trip and multi trip. Furthermore, Single trip disposable bladders led the market contributing for the maximums share. These bladders are extremely cost -effective and possess larger carriage capacity. On the other hand, multi trip bladders have extra reposting and cleaning cost linked with them. Flexitanks key applications include Wine& spirits, foodstuffs, industrial products, pharmaceutical goods and chemicals. Foodstuffs segment dominated other applications in 2014. Foodstuffs such as edible oil, fruit juices, potable water and fruit concentrates are carried by flexitanlks. Moreover, these are also used in bulk wine transportation.