Michael Johnson (Atlanta Roof Repairs and Handyman Service)

As researcher Jonas Salk once said, “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” If this is true for anybody, it would have to be local handyman Michael Johnson!

Johnson runs a small company called Atlanta Roof Repairs and Handyman Service. He was originally having difficulty making his way into the industry with a stable work schedule with customers he could service. “He always does a fabulous job whenever he’s working,” explained his wife. “We tried everything we could to try to get his name out there, and spent a lot of money for advertising, but nothing seemed to be working like we hoped.”

As Michael Johnson began to search the Internet for how he could potentially get more leads quickly at whatever cost. “I tried not to think about the cost of the advertising. I tried to think of it more as an investment that could make me even more money. But then I found TalkLocal and I realized that I didn’t have to break the bank for quality leads.”

TalkLocal offers free leads to contractors and only charges them when the service connects them with a homeowner in need over the telephone and the contractor has a meaningful conversation with their potential customer. TalkLocal sends the lead to the contractor and the contractor has the option to accept or reject the lead. If they accept, they are connected with the homeowner. If they reject or ignore, they are not charged.

“I’m very happy with [TalkLocal]. The first lead they supplied me, I sold for $300,” said Johnson grinning from ear to ear. But this is where the Salk quote comes in: “And then the lady called me back and did about $2000 more worth of work with me,” exclaimed Johnson proudly at his 567% increase in revenue.

The best part? Johnson says it only cost him less than $20 for the $2300+ work. The reason? “TalkLocal only charges you for the lead. So after I did the first job, the later jobs became like bonuses,” explained Johnson.
But Johnson’s not stopping there. “Just yesterday, I sold three jobs (only the jobs I accepted the calls on, sold all three of them), did two of them, and I got to do one Monday or Tuesday.” With every customer he services, he hopes they can call back asking for more work.

Johnson says he no longer has to worry about where his next job is coming from because he know he can rely on TalkLocal to get leads that he can easily turn into jobs.

Link: http://goo.gl/4m2cTh