Joshua D. Guy (The Roof Doctor)


Joshua Guy was able to go from taking $5000 jobs to making over $20,000 for just $50. Read the story below to find out how he did it:
Guy is the owner of The Roof Doctor, a residential and commercial roofing, siding, and gutter company in Ferndale, Michigan. Working this job over 15 years, this company has become his pride and joy. However, business began to slow down and it was time to try some new tactics to bring in some new clientele that wouldn’t burn a hole in his wallet. That’s when he found an advertisement for a company called TalkLocal that offers free leads to contractors and only charges them when the service connects them with a homeowner in need over the telephone and the contractor has a meaningful conversation with the potential customer.

“When I heard about the idea of free leads I was really skeptical about it, so I decided to do the free trial to make sure it was legitimate,” said Guy.

Not only were they legitimate, but they far exceeded his expectations.
Guy recounts his first “The very first lead that [they] sent me (for free) as an introduction to [their] company turned into a $5,400 job. I was very impressed with that, so obviously, I joined the program.”
Guy goes on to mention that he likes how you have the option of accepting or rejecting the lead once you know what the job is about. “I love the fact that I can pick and choose the leads I am interested in and the ones I am not. Some companies don’t give you that option and, because of that, I refuse to do business with them,” reflects Guy. “I also like the fact that I can get connected directly to the prospect upon acceptance of the lead. I have gotten several roof leads that turned into jobs.”

Once Guy signed up with TalkLocal, he recounts how his very first leads become major success stories. “The very first lead turned into a job and, this past summer, two consecutive leads turned into jobs, a combined total of almost $15,000.” The best part? Guy says it’s the cost per lead. “The leads are fairly priced, well below some companies in my industry.”or only $25 per conversation,” says Guy.
Edit : (8/02/2016) Now, two years later, Guy says he is still using TalkLocal and it has been a vital part of his business.