Francisco Neto (New Image Painting)

Francisco Neto from New Image Painting was paid a visit by his own fairy godmother that took the shape of a phone call with an amazing opportunity that he could not pass up.

New Image Painting is a handyman company. It’s located in Boston, MA. Since the company was founded, it suffered some complications “We had a hard time reaching more customers,” explained Neto. Looking at companies like Thumbtack or Angie’s List seemed like good options, but the cost of the risk was not something they could afford at the time.

In a moment of grieving uncertainty, the phone rang. On the other line was TalkLocal, a service company that provides local contractors with the opportunity to get free leads as homeowners make requests in real time.

This was a God send for New Image Painting. The contractor then has the chance to accept or reject the lead according to their preference. Upon acceptance of the lead, TalkLocal puts the contractor on the phone with the homeowner in exchange for a small fee. “We didn’t even find them; they actually found us!” Since that moment, Neto’s company began to take off!

“It’s really good that you just pay for the leads [that you accept]. If you connect to the connect with the customer, you already have a 99% chance of getting the job, no?” said Neto. He can now proudly say he doesn’t have to worry about finding more customers.
“I highly recommend my friends to TalkLocal, it’s great! You’re gonna be happy,” said Neto.