Brian Tucker (TUCCO Home Improvements)


Local handyman Brian Tucker found an a cheap and easy way to be a more competitive player in the home improvement market in Colorado with a new method that works unlike any other!
When most people think of where to look for a bathroom or kitchen remodeler or, perhaps, an roofer or exterior painter, they undoubtedly check websites like Angie’s List or Home Advisor. With this in mind, Brian decided it would be best to advertise his business there to get more leads. However, for the money he was paying, the results were less than satisfying.

“Home Advisor sends the leads to four or more of my competition, which can be difficult,” says Tucker. “I may not get many leads as it is from them and I’m always trying the oneup my competition whenever leads do come in, but that could mean compromising for what my work is actually worth.”
He believed that every lead he would get in the future would have to be a huge struggle until he found TalkLocal.

TalkLocal offers free leads to contractors and only charges them when the service connects them with a homeowner in need over the telephone and the contractor has a meaningful conversation with their potential customer. TalkLocal sends the lead to the contractor and the contractor has the option to accept or reject the lead. If they accept, they are connected with the homeowner. If they reject or ignore the call, they are not charged.

“I like it because you’re ranked by the quality of your work from online reviews and how long you’ve been with the service. So the better I do, the more opportunities I get to do more jobs,” says Tucker.
The service typically sends out leads according to the contractor’s area of preference, but some jobs can come from areas a bit farther away if none of the contractors in the immediate area are able to take the job. “I based out in Colorado Springs and recently got a lead call from Castle Rock,” recalled Tucker. “It was outside my normal area but was able to make arrangements to do it with another job. When the opportunity’s there you have to do what you can to get it done.”

Since then, Tucker hasn’t needed to worry any more about where his leads were coming from or how hard he would have to fight to get each one. “I like the service better than Home Advisor because I can focus more on what the lead wants more than what my competition is doing.”