Bernard Foster (Hand)

In the matter of weeks, a local handyman went from scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for jobs to now having more requests than he can even get to!
Meet Bernard Foster, an independent handyman based out in Lithonia, GA. Although he took great pride in the work that he did, he didn’t feel like he was receiving the appreciation that he deserved. “I found myself working for other contractors who, a lot of times, took advantage of my services and skill,” confessed Foster. He began to feel stagnant in his job and was looking for a way to take it up to the next level.

While browsing through Craigslist looking for leads, as per usual, Foster came across a post that mentioned a service that could provide quality leads at an affordable price. “It seemed to be too good to be true at the time, but I was ready to try anything at that point.” He sent an email requesting more information and later received a call from the original poster.
“Basically, [the service] TalkLocal receives live requests from homeowners and then contacts local contractors who can do the job and then you, as the contractor, get to decide if you want to accept the lead or not,” explained Foster. “Then, if you accept the call, they connect you to the homeowner that very second. The guy on the phone seemed so enthusiastic about the service that he was getting me excited and I signed up right away! The best part is that they only charge me if I accept the call and have a meaningful conversation with the homeowner.”

Once Foster signed up for the service, the calls began flooding in. By the end of the week, Foster had enough work to fill out the remainder of the month!
“I have more work than I actually get to! I actually turn d own four to five jobs a day with TalkLocal,” exclaimed Foster. “TalkLocal is definitely the move for any contractor who’s trying to stay busy. Best career move of my life.”