SSIS’s MA In International Studies: Transforming Lives!

The increasing penetration of globalisation in economic markets across the globe is creating the need for talented professionals well versed with the nuances of international policies, culture as well as business practices. Through the M.A. In International Studies, Symbiosis School Of International Studies (SSIS) is helping fulfil this need and in turn giving students a chance to pursue rewarding career opportunities. Additionally, being associated to the prestigious Symbiosis banner, SSIS adheres to the policy of providing holistic education. Needless to say, participants of the MA in International Studies get access to the best of learning material and are taught through avant-garde learning methodologies.

What does the program include?

The M.A in International Studies programme focuses on helping the participants develop an understanding of the new challenges, problems, threats and opportunities in a wide range of domains that fall under the category of International Relations. Some of the popular focus areas in this category include International Economics (trade, investment, finance), International Law, Defence and Security (traditional and non-traditional), and regional and global governance.

The design of this course is in accordance to the demands of the globally connected business scenario. The focus is on equipping the students with the required skill set that makes them ready to take up the challenges. Additionally, the course preaching module empowers them to be able to connect theory with practical in order to develop better analytical thinking ability.

The two years program is divided over four semesters and covers a total of 80 credits. Of these an entire semester is dedicated to internship. This internship is a mandatory module that helps students to understand the working scenario in a practical situation rather than restricting their learning to textbook sessions. In some cases, this internship also emerges as the turning point of their career because it allows them to identify their true area of interest from the vast category of options applicable to the domain of international studies.

The exposure

In addition to the state of the art academic training, SSIS Pune is also able to offer excellent exposure to students. For starters, the college regularly hosts conferences where industry experts are invited to discuss the burning issues of the global economy. These sessions are an excellent opportunity for the students to learn in an environment that is very different from their regular classroom sessions. In fact, such interactive sessions also emerge as excellent networking opportunities for the students. Apart from all this, the discussions help in opening their minds to newer concepts.

Career Options

Today a diverse category of professions are in need of students equipped with the knowledge of the international business scenario. This includes sectors like banking, travel, hospitality and a whole lot more. Thanks to the extensive demand, those pursuing the M.A. in International Studies from reputed institutions like SSIS can be assured of excellent career opportunities. What’s more is that when you have the Symbiosis tag on your resume, it definitely adds more value. After all, Symbiosis has established its credibility as a pioneering academic initiative known to offer industry ready educational training, an aspect that is highly valued in the present corporate scenario.

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