Rising Demand for Mushrooms to be Fulfilled through High-yield Systems, says TMR

MushroomAccording to a new report from Transparency Market Research, the global mushroom market is driven by the increasing awareness about their high nutrition index and their rising availability through urban distribution modes. The report, titled ‘Mushroom Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 – 2018,’ delivers vital insights into the historical development and present figures of the global mushroom market. This solid databank is further used to present reliable predictions about the market’s development in the forecast period.

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Mushrooms are a type of edible fungi witnessing a notable rise in demand in recent years. While the history of mushroom consumption goes a long way, an organized industry specializing in the development and marketing of mushrooms is a relatively recent development. Mushrooms are highly popular in many cuisines across the world, with Oriental cuisines making widespread use of various types. The demand for mushrooms in the developed world has also grown remarkably in recent years, leading to promising growth prospects for the global mushrooms market.

The growing awareness about the promising nutritional index of mushrooms is a key driver for the global mushrooms market. Mushrooms are not only low in calories, but also high in fiber and proteins. Many varieties of mushrooms also contain notable amounts of vitamin B and minerals such as phosphorus and iron. This is not only driving the demand for mushrooms from the health-conscious urban demographic, but also making mushrooms popular as an alternative to meat in vegetarian and vegan communities.

The rising demand for mushrooms in the developed world has been complemented in recent years by the widespread use of high-yield systems, which has allowed the mushrooms industry to scale up sustainably. This is likely to be a crucial driver for the global mushrooms market in the coming years.

The development of supermarkets and hypermarkets in urban centers in developing countries has also made it easier for consumers to purchase mushrooms. While the low shelf life of mushrooms remains a restraint on the global market, the sophisticated refrigeration techniques used in modern shopping channels – which traditional grocery shops often can’t afford – have helped the mushrooms industry sustain demand in spite of it.

Geographically, Asia Pacific and Europe remain key consumers of mushrooms due to the traditional role of mushrooms in many of the region’s cuisines. However, the demand for mushrooms in North America is also growing steadily, and the region is expected to become a leading contributor to the global mushroom market in the coming years.

Leading players in the global mushroom market include Banken Champignon, The Mushroom Company, Drinkwater Mushrooms Ltd., Agro Dutch Industries Ltd., Hughes Mushroom, Kulkarni Farm Fresh Pvt. Ltd., Monaghan Mushrooms, Ecolink Baltic, Modern Mushroom Farms, Monterey Mushrooms Inc., and Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd. The report provides detailed profiles of these companies to present insights into the competitive landscape of the global mushroom market and the changes expected in it in the coming years.