TalkLocal – America’s best business-to-consumer bridge you haven’t heard of yet

Here’s how it works:

1. Claim your free lead from TalkLocal.

2. If you’re happy with the quality of that lead and you wish to receive more leads like it, we will continue providing you with additional leads for as long as you wish.

3. We do not sell lead ‘lists’ or ‘directories’ of any kind. We connect consumers with businesses that they are seeking in real time.

What is TalkLocal?
When you need a service, what’s your plan? Most people call a bunch of different service providers until they find one that’s right for them. Using TalkLocal you enter your problem, location, and the time you would like to be serviced. In minutes you’ll get a call from a service provider who knows your problem and wants to fix it at the time you requested.

How can TalkLocal help me?
TalkLocal is a time saving tool that lets businesses choose consumers within a specific category, choose when you want to perform their service(s), and then connects you with them! Think of us as your very own “Leads Concierge Service.”

Is there a fee I have to pay to use TalkLocal?
No, TalkLocal is a free service for consumers.

Does TalkLocal ensure my privacy?
Yes. We firmly believe in consumer privacy and NEVER share contact information. Companies are able to hear service request details such as location, description, and availability. All communication between companies and consumers is bridged by the talklocal platform so they are never able to obtain your contact information unless you volunteer the information.

How soon can I expect a call?
Normally within a few minutes. TalkLocal begins connecting you with customers within seconds of your submission.

I signed up. Why am I not getting any calls?

A few likely reasons:

a) The request you submitted may have been outside of normal business hours for the companies. Although, you can submit a request at anytime many companies may not answer the phones at night or on parts of the weekend. This could result in you not receiving a prompt response. Try submitting your request during normal business hours.

b) There may not be enough companies in our system for the selected category and location. We are currently working to add more service professionals across all major cities in the United States for all categories. You can notify us at
c) Or some other reason. Call us at 844-562-2577 (844-LOCALPRO) and we will try to assist you.

Can consumers (i.e., my leads) search TalkLocal for a specific company (i.e., mine)?

TalkLocal is designed to match your service request with the highest quality compatible businesses that provide those services in your local area. Because of this, you do not need to search for a specific company

How will consumers (i.e., my leads) know which companies have already been contacted?
While the TalkLocal platform is calling companies (including yours), consumers can look at the “TalkLocal Activity Map” for a live status update of every call.

Will TalkLocal‘s consumers (i.e., my leads) ever submit a service request at night and still expect to receive a prompt response (i.e., will my phone ring at night)?
Consumers can submit a service request at anytime, 24/7. Because many companies may not answer the phones at night or on parts of the weekend, consumers know that they might not receive a prompt response. Your reputation will not be negatively affected by adding TalkLocal to your leads pipeline. If a consumer submits the request during night hours, TalkLocal may prompt them to schedule their request for a time in the future (i.e., during business hours). In this case, you can schedule to speak to a company within the next 3 days or immediately.

Is TalkLocal responsible for any unsatisfactory service?
TalkLocal is not responsible for any unsatisfactory services performed by a matched company. TalkLocal is only responsible for connecting consumers to companies. TalkLocal has no involvement and/or legal responsibility for the terms, conditions, and outcomes of any services rendered.

Internet access is not readily available to me. Are there other ways of using TalkLocal’s service?
We offer a toll-free number where consumers can make a request. Dial 844-LOCAL-PRO to put in a request.