Where can I sell my iPhone 6 ?

Discarded electronics, e-waste, accounted for over 3 million tons of electronic waste in our landfill in just one year, according to the EPA.  As much as 60% of these discarded electronics will end up in the landfill.  Instead of throwing away you cell phone. Recycle it and earn money, too.

As more and more retailers and online sites are offering trade-ins on cell phones, the competition is heating up. If you are like me and waiting patiently on the new iPhone 7 to be released soon, you are looking to sell your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, but where? There are plenty of sites wanting you to sell and offering attractive prices to do just that.  So, how much is my iPhone worth?

Do your homework.  Investigate for the best offers available.  Remember to compare like devices, memory, and carriers.  Also, check the reputation and reviews of the company where you are sending you phone.  Make sure of the payment options and turnaround time.

According to some sites.  Your phone can reduce by as much as 15% the closer to the release of a new one.

After researching different companies where I can sell my iPhone for cash, my research revealed CellCashier.com is the best place to sell an iPhone.

How it works – On the homepage, look up your iPhone by choosing the image that matches your iPhone.  Find and select your iPhone, and then evaluate the condition. Choose your method of payment (business check or PayPal). CellCashier will honor the quote as long as the condition is reasonably close to your description.

Ship your iPhone – CellCashier.com will send a prepaid USPS label and a shipping package. When you receive them, you need to carefully pack the device in the provided packing material and secure the package with packing tape. Place the prepaid USPS label on the package and then place the package in the mailbox or drop it off at the local post office.

Get paid – When CellCashier.com receives the package, they will examine the iPhone and assess its condition. If your quote is accurate, they will send payment within one business day via your chosen payment method. You will receive a notification and then they will send your payment. Sit back, relax, and wait for your payment to arrive!

Cell Cashier offered better rates and fast service when selling your AT&T iPhone 6.  Recently, a comparison was set up to see the prices offered and the prices of several competitors.

= iPhone 6 16 GB  Good condition

1. Cell Cashier — $ 320 —- AT&T
2. Gazelle        — $ 240 — AT&T
3. uSell            — $ 291 — AT&T
4. NextWorth  — $ 260 — AT&T

= iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB  Good Condition

1. Cell Cashier — $ 360 — Sprint
2. Gazelle        — $ 160 — Sprint
3. uSell        — $ 292 — Sprint
4. NextWorth   —$ 350 — Sprint

Remember to back up your old phone’s data and wipe it clean.  You don’t want to leave any personal data or identifying information on the phone.  You don’t want any data falling into other’s hands.  Follow the guidelines to reset to factory settings.

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Arlington, VA, 22207, United States
Website :- https://cellcashier.com