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Hi, I’m Holly Silva, and I’ve been a crafts expert for 15 years, and today I’m going to show you some craft ideas on how to make a paper tricorn hat. So here I have a piece of yellow construction paper and I’m going to cut off corners. Fat corners though. Fat and wide corners. OK. And we’re going to do this. And then we can do this. And this. So we’re going to make one hat using only one piece of construction paper. We don’t like to waste in these parts. So we’re going to do this. We’re going to make a triangle, we’re going to fill it in and make sure that it is nice and wide. We’re going to take our double stick tape. But of course and go from one side of here. New Era OutletSo we’re going to just connect it because we didn’t get our full piece so we’re just going to make a triangle here. See that? And then we’re going to take our other triangle and then our other triangle and that is going to be the basis of our hat. OK. So it’s going to be like that. That’s what’s going to happen with it. Now what we’re going to do is put some double stick tape here on the corner. Each connecting corner. We’re going to do that there. And do this here. And then we’re going to do this back here. And it’s OK if this paper is coming off the table. It’s completely fine because you’re going to roll it up anyway. In fact it’s better if it does. So we’re going to take each corner and we’re going to roll it in like so. See that. And that. And that. But we’re not done with this one, because this is going to be the front. So roll up the sides too. Like that. OK. Now what we’re going to do is take some ribbon of any color. hatstips If you have a bunch of ribbon lying around it’s a really good idea to take it and use it. So you’re going to wrap this around your head or the child’s head or whoever you’re doing this for and you’re going to measure to make sure that it fits. So we’re going to do this and then we’re going to here I’ll do it to the back so you can see. We’re going to leave about that much. So your head circumference plus like six extra inches on each side. OK so now what we’re going to do is flip this paper over and we’re going to take our double stick. Actually we’re not going to take our double stick, we’re going to take our scotch tape because the last thing you really want is to tape your hair to a piece of ribbon on your hat. It’s not fun. So we’re going to tape our ribbon to our hat. Being sure to take care of any extra ribbon that may be coming out either side. All right so then we’re going to take another piece here. And fold it over and another piece here in the corner. Take any excess tape so you don’t get your hair stuck.New Era hats Outlet And then take this here and tape that. And take this and tape that. Tape around here make sure it’s nice and secure. There we go. OK. Make sure that your hat is stuck together still. Wonderful. Make sure that the corners are folded up. Everything is folded up. And then we place it on our heads and then tie it. There it is. That is a craft idea for a paper tricorn hat. See you next time.