Elk Ridge Custom Homes offers truly customized homes with a flexible financing plan

The idea of customized homes with personalized designs according to one’s specific requirements is rapidly becoming popular in many parts of Portland. “I got my house customized because it is built with respect to my tastes and preferences, so it is not just a mere house but it feels like home,”says one of the residents of NW Portland who got her home customized recently. Various neighborhoods of Portland have undergone a beautiful transformation owing to custom built houses which claim to be an extension of the owner’s personality.

As there has been an increase in the custom homes, needless to say, custom home builders in Portland are also on the rise. Elk Ridge Custom Homes is the leading custom home builder in Oregon and particularly in Portland. With their experience in construction and variety of designs, they are practically dominating the customization of homes in every part of Portland for homeowners who want a truly custom home that is sure to be constructed with excellence.

Truly Customized Homes

The differentiator of Elk Ridge Custom Homes is that they make truly customized homes. Their official website (http://elkridgecustoms.com) provides different model home designs that can be used by someone who has no idea how to customize his/her home. However, they do not emphasize or force anyone to choose pre-designed plans. They strive to make everyone’s dream home come to life, right from the scratch with a lot of attention to the needs and preferences of the homeowner.

Flexible Financial Options

If someone does not have a good financial backing that is normally required for custom home building,  Elk Ridge Custom Homes ensures that you do not have to give up on your dream project. They have financial partners who create flexible fiscal plans for buyers. They enable you to invest the same amount in your custom home which would be needed if you were buying a house.

Elk Ridge Custom Homes, one of the most popular custom home builders Portland offers professional new home construction services across Oregon and Washington. They are undoubtedly one of the best Oregon custom home builders who have an honest passion for designing dream homes for buyers. So, if you want to explore their model homes or have any questions regarding their working procedure, visit their official page, http://elkridgecustoms.com.

About Elk Ridge Custom Homes: Elk Ridge Custom Homes is a professional construction service that offers custom homes in Washington and Oregon. With an extreme sense of loyalty and commitment, they believe in quality workmanship and on-time project completion. They are beyond the typical construction loan financing options and incorporate open planning and honest communication at every stage of your home building process.


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