Can This Marriage Be Saved? Suffolk County Mediation Can Help You Preserve your Marriage

Conflict in a marriage can be overcome with the professional help of Suffolk County Mediation with the Mediation to Stay Married program, led by Jeffrey Bloom.

Ladies’ Home Journal published the “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” column for over 60 years. The column was created in 1953, and was the cornerstone for the popularity of the magazine. The column was formulaic; the wife complained about the husband and explained her family background, the husband complained about the wife and explained his family background, and the counselor explained the couple’s problems and blamed them on the wife. Then the couple lived happily ever after. Thank goodness Suffolk County Mediation and Jeffrey Bloom ( have a much different approach to saving a marriage.

Jeffrey M. Bloom, EJD

Jeffrey M. Bloom, EJD

Suffolk County Mediation uses many methods to help couples with conflicts. Mediation is not the same as psychological counseling, and is not a substitute. Mediation is a complement to marriage counseling, although a couple is not required to be in counseling to work with a mediator. Jeffrey Bloom concentrates on conflict resolution skills with the couple, not psychological issues.

Through Suffolk County Mediation, the couple meets to discuss their differences. Jeffrey Bloom does not place blame nor provide a quick fix or solution to the issues. The couple is taught the skills to converse about the conflicts and disagreements. The mediator helps the couple plan and complete measurable goals that allow the couple to preserve the family.

The Mediation to Stay Married program is a highly successful approach to developing a healthy communication method that is unique to each couple. Couples meet on a regular basis with the mediator in a private setting. Within this setting, the couple quietly discusses the sources of conflict. Jeffrey Bloom offers suggestions for discussion and does not assign blame or make accusations. The couple offers a resolution to each issue and the group moves through the contention. Some couples choose to make a written contract when the program is completed, with the help of Suffolk County Mediation, but others are satisfied with solving their immediate issues.