Omni Dental Supplies. We go the extra mile!

Unparallel Customer Service You Can Expect From Omni Dental Supplies


The practice of dentistry demands an exacting process of sensitive and painstaking treatment and alleviation of patients’ dental concerns and imperfections. All dentists know this. It’s in their medical code of ethics. They work and live by it. Omni Dental Supplies knows this too. That’s why it goes the extra mile to ensure all its products, instruments, equipment and other dental offerings meet the highest domestic and international standards of quality. This is our company’s commitment in support of universal dental practice.


Even before any client order is placed, Omni Dental Supplies is ready to help you decide on what you need and what you should have. It has on hand, and readily available a wide selection of dental items, instruments and equipment priced at various levels suited to meet any kind of budget.


Fast Shipping and Delivery


Omni Dental Supplies delivers fast and delivers right. What you order is what you get, undamaged and working perfectly. Our policy on wrong delivery (wrong color, size or shape) is so rigid and strict our people go the extra mile to make sure this doesn’t happen. And generally, it doesn’t.


Omni Dental supplies’ products, instruments, equipment and other dental items are stored in a state-of-the-art warehouse technologically equipped with a climate and dust control system to ensure their quality remains in top shape. Moreover, when being shipped out, they’re packed securely and sent out with utmost care.


After-sales Service



After close to sixteen years in the dental supply business, we have built a reputation for best quality products, reliability and great customer care among practitioners in the field of dentistry, so please see our brief company overview . This has helped propel Omni Dental Supplies to the forefront of any dental or dental-related needs, knowing we have the solutions. And of course, dentist-clients know, we’ll always go the extra mile to address them.