Estrogen Blocker tips – The work it does in the Male Body

Men do not have as many problems with their bodies as females. However, there are certain things that can happen and scare any male. For instance, some men get breasts. An estrogen blocker is the answer to this problem. As well as this, a male can improve his appearance via exercise, and energy supplements can help. With regard to estrogen blockers, you need to learn quite a lot about them before you can buy some.

This is so you can find out what could happen if you have excess estrogen, and how these energy supplements can restore it to normal levels.  First, you need to understand what estrogen is. It is usually one of the most active hormones in a woman’s reproductive system. It is involved in her ovulation, period and pregnancy issues. Estrogen tends to be a lot in females and a little in males. It normally spikes when a lady is ovulating. The opposite hormone in males is testosterone. Ladies have it in smaller amounts while males have it in big amounts.

It is said to be up to ten times more in men than women. Resuming our topic, if a guy wants to know whether they have more estrogen than testosterone, they should do a test. The testing kit can be found in the doctor’s office. If the test reveals that you have more estrogen, the doctor will recommend the right estrogen blocker. This is the thing that will stop you from developing male breasts or gynecomastia. In addition, you are likely to develop more fat around the abdominal area, feel abnormally tired, suffer emotional imbalance and lose your muscle mass and tone.

Another thing to know about estrogen is that it consists of three types of hormones. One is identified as estriol, which is mostly a lot in females when pregnant. The other one is estrone, which is in both men and women. When stored, it is usually in the form of a fatty tissue.  Finally, it has a hormone called estradiol, a very common type in men and women. It is produced in female ovaries and male testicals and adrenal glands. As for blockers, you can find them in most energy supplements websites. In case you visit your doctor to have your male breasts checked, the only thing he or she will offer you is a pill for blocking production of excess estrogen.

Once you start taking the pill, it will regulate your estrogen amounts and reduce symptoms it has already caused. It is the same as taking an aromatase inhibitor that does the same thing. The inhibitors or blockers are very dominant in the cure of cancer in the chest or testical area. If you are worried of having male breasts, hair loss, low libido and other problems caused by too much estrogen, go to the doctor for testing. Once you do, it will be easier to know whether you require an estrogen blocker or not. If necessary, you can go search for the item online. And if you have found it and are not sure you want to buy it, because of safety, seek your doctor’s opinion first.

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