In this business world, as the businesses are growing so is the competition for visibility in the search results.SEO and PPC are two important marketing strategies.  We know technological world is growing very fast, so more and more companies are looking into investing more money into their digital marketing strategy. It’s very significant for your business brand to have an eminent presence in the search engines, ensuring that you’re visible to target audience.

PPC and SEO Toronto

Pay-per-click ads are also called as sponsored links. They come out next to search results on Google and Yahoo on the right hand side or top of the search results page.  It is the best and fast way of making your business popular and profitable online. . With a PPC campaign, you can be on the first page within a day.

SEO has become broadly adopted as an online marketing strategy because of its usefulness and effectiveness. But it takes longer time for visibility on the search page as compared to PPC. SEO provides good and solid results, regardless of the type of site, i.e ecommerce or non-ecommerce site, so there are no doubts when it comes to ROI.

So we need to do PPC campaigns and SEO with perfection to get good results.

PPC Mistakes to avoid

We need to avoid few mistakes and they are:-

  • While creating the campaign do not use too many non essential keywords, which can decrease your performance. For obtaining good results from your campaign, you need to analyze keyword performance.
  • The success and failure of the campaign depends upon the landing pages. To get the excellent results in terms of performance, it should have an easy landing page.
  • If you don’t have good quality content, you can get negative quality score in a PPC campaign, which can be quite dangerous. You need to have quality of campaign content and website content also. If you are having a low quality score and you are not doing carefully, your entire account will be in loss of money.
  • If you are not bidding properly and carefully, you may lose the targeted audiences. You need to effectively spend the money at right place.
  • Writing a telephone number within your PPC ad is not a good idea. Very few people will pick and dial your number if they see your ad. So don’t waste space, but use it for a good message.


SEO Mistakes to avoid

SEO has grown a lot over a period of time and also became a much more refined, but you cannot deny that there are still some mistakes done.

  • Use of low quality and copied content. It is quite annoying to see the websites using the exact content of competitor sites. Try to create genuine and valuable content, so that you can get good ranking.
  • Replicating or duplicating same title and Meta description in your site on multiple pages is not a good idea.
  • While inserting keywords you have to be careful. You need to use keywords which can be the best fit for your product, first of all research on the keywords and phrases and analyse it thoroughly. The bad and recurring keyword creates a bad impression and chances are there, that you may be penalized by Google.
  • Use of broken links. It can give you a bad reputation because clicking it, is not taking you anywhere. Get quality links not quantity.
  • Not optimizing title tags is a common mistake done.
  • Use of too many keywords i.e. overloading your content with keywords. Place your keywords logically and at the right place so that search engine reads it effectively.
  • Prepare your site for all search engines, not only for Google search engine. We usually emphasis on Google search engine, not considering others.


SEO and PPC efforts go together with each other effectively, and direct to a more thriving search strategy. So doing SEO and PPC with care will deliver good results which will benefit your business exponentially.