Admission to the International Studies Program by SSIS Pune!

Symbiosis School of International Studies, headquartered in Pune, is a premiere institution that focuses on conducting courses related to International Studies. For starters, we, as a nation are progressing towards a globally connected scenario. No nation can now function independently. The world is a unit and best results are only achieved when the unit works together. Even though financially each nation may function independently, it is important for professionals to study the international relations because this is where the balance of the demand and supply chain lies.

Given this situation, the courses conducted by SSIS Pune are an excellent opportunity for people who have interest in this filed. Additionally, the International Studies courses conducted by SSIS are in accordance to the Symbiosis standards. This means that in addition to the theoretical training, students will be given the required practical exposure as well.

At SSIS, the practice is to invite students to participate in exercises that help them understand the importance of international relations and their impact on the economy. Expert speakers focus on exploring as well as conveying the different aspects of policies that impact the international trade. The experts introduce the students to various subjects. These expert sessions are dedicated to inviting and encouraging students to fuel their curiosity to learn.

Even the classroom training is conducted by faculty that has a thorough experience of practicing in the trade scenario where international policies are important. The college uses best techniques to ensure maximum learning. Students are encouraged to participate in research projects. After all, research is one way to understand the subject in depth and improve your ability to learn.

Students can apply to SSIS directly. The application procedure is done online completely and therefore very easy. Students can log in to and click on the Admissions tab. From here on, the process is self explanatory and so you will find it easy to file your application.

Currently, the online registration for the courses is open till end of May. Those interested can apply on the portal. In addition to the application, students are required to submit an application fee as well. Deadlines and other details are mentioned on the portal and so you can contact the admission cell in case of any query.

The state of the art education facilities will ensure that the students get the required exposure to build their career in the domain of international studies. As for the accommodation, students can contact the program office. The staff here will guide them to the nearest options in the area.

So, for those interested in the domain of international studies, log into and apply today!