50 Cent, Richard Gere and Elle McPherson Could Have Used a Staten Island Attorney

Frank Savona, a Staten Island Attorney experienced in real estate contract negotiations, could have helped them sell their properties.

Buying a first home, condominium or apartment can be an overwhelming experience. The various complicated issues that should be considered are daunting. First-time buyers should always engage a Staten Island attorney like Frank Savona (http://www.savonalaw.com/), experienced in real estate purchases, to negotiate the transaction. Too often, first-time purchasers are engaged in buying the perfect look of a piece of property and do not contemplate the underlying details of the sale.

The disregard details are the dangerous ones. Homeowner fees, contracts, interest rates, and even the mortgage application are negotiations best handled by the mediation of Frank Savona, an experienced real estate attorney. A knowledgeable Staten Island attorney can save the purchaser thousands of dollars in the purchase of real estate.

There are many complications that can surface during the contract process. Due diligence fees could be lacking, interest rates could spike and the buyer could make a mistake on the income statement; all are just a few of the common difficulties that occur in contract negotiations. A professional Staten Island attorney that specializes in real estate like Frank Savona will know how to settle these issues.

Selling a house brings its own set of problems, just as many as buying a home. The contract for the sale can have all kinds of stipulations that can interfere with the transactions. Setting the price for the property can be a complicated matter that needs an experienced Staten Island attorney like Frank Savona to help find the right price point.

Richard Gere and Elle McPherson are two celebrities that took more than two years to sell their properties. Both dropped the price of their homes by millions to attract interested buyers. Rapper 50 Cent finally sold his mansion in Farmington, Connecticut, for $8 million, nine years after placing it for sale. 50 Cent originally priced his home at $18 million. He overpriced his home by $10 million and had a lengthy wait for the property to sell. 50 Cent, Richard Gere and Elle McPherson Could Have Used a Staten Island Attorney50 Cent could have benefitted from the expertise of Frank Savona, a real estate specialist and Staten Island attorney.