Caffeine Pill is better than most supplements

Needless to say, the human body can get really tired even after six or more hours of sleep. It is not a wonder to rise up in the morning feeling short of energy. In such a case, you could swallow a caffeine pill to rejuvenate your brain and muscles. Alternatively, pick a creatine supplement you can be taking in the morning to boost your energy and stamina all through the day.

While these supplements are reliable when you want to increase energy in the body, you should not teach your body to depend on them. It is imperative to use the pill when it is really necessary. The first thing you must do is to understand what the caffeine pill is all about.   According to the FDA, caffeine is a drug and a substance that can be added to food. This explains the reason why we have so many edible products that have caffeine.

Furthermore, caffeine tends to be addictive and once you get used to it you just want it every day. If you cannot take it in beverages like chocolate, tea or coffee, then you can try it in the pill form.  Pills will as well fix your fatigue and tiredness just as fast. All the same, you should research the best brands, just as you should when looking for creatine. Note that most renowned brands put a 1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2-6-dione(caffeine citrate) in their products.

This is a substance made with dried caffeine, sodium citrate and citric acid. This is the most potent item in caffeine pills. Other ingredients are usually unhelpful, as they are just additives, fillers and preservatives. When it comes to the right dosage, you need between two hundred and four hundred milligrams per day. All the same, you are unique and that’s why you might need less amounts of caffeine per day.

The right amount of pure caffeine is just about two to four cups. It is imperative to know that just a single teaspoon of pure caffeine might be about to twenty-five cups, according to FDA. So you have to be careful not to overdose yourself. And the easiest way to avoid this is to take a caffeine pill. The manufacturer will specifically state the amount of caffeine their pill contains. And since they are aware of the dangers of too much caffeine, they will have picked the right amount.

However, there is still the risk of overdosing if you take more pills than directed by the manufacturer. If you are a pregnant woman, you are advised to take only 200 milligrams per day.  Other people can take extra amounts, no problem, but should be careful not to consume more than 400milligrams per day. Otherwise, caffeine might give you tremors, stomach pains, drowsiness, depression and increased heart rate among other things.

Other than causing you to be more alert, caffeine pills can boost your weight loss efforts. It suppresses hunger and raises the amounts of adrenaline in the blood. Thus, caffeine is ideal for weight loss and sports training. If you take a product like creatine on the side, you can do much better in your bodybuilding sessions.

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