Whipped cream chargers: Resolving Your Foamy Problems

Working with whipped cream chargers is a collaborative effort of technique and imagination. Using your cream dispenser along with the nitrous oxide chargers can be tiresome if your appliance is not in top shape, or if there are rookie mistakes in your technique.

It is that time of the year again when you get your baking spirit back from retirement. Time to tie on the aprons, preheat the ovens and get re-acquainted with the warm smells of something getting baked to perfection. However, would it not be an infinitely tedious prospect if among this lively merrymaking your whipped cream turns out to be a flop show? It is a jarring thought in the least, to say nothing of the spoilt mood you would be in to see your baking not getting that extra finesse.

So let us discuss some common problems the best of the face while using whipped cream chargers. It is important for every user because even if you have not had any trouble before, it does not guarantee that you will not have any from now on. It is much better to be prepared beforehand rather than make furtive and clumsy Google searches when things go south at the eleventh hour.

The most common issue that comes with using cream dispenser with chargers is that users have quite a pressing concern about which gas to use. Nitrous oxide is the most popular choice, of course, but people do go asking about whether carbon dioxide could also be used interchangeably. The answer to this is a big, fat no. No carbon dioxide for this purpose. For cocktails and exotic drinks, yeah maybe. But your whipped cream will curse you if you ever let anything other than nitrous oxide near it. Always check your chargers before loading for them to be nothing but the good old laughing gas.

Another issue that often crops is that of the whipped cream coming from the dispenser tip to be runny and watery instead of thick and foamy. How is that prospect for a mood kill, eh? Most likely the problem here is that the cream is not fatty enough. 32% to 36% is the average requirement of fat content to be present while using the cream dispenser. If that requirement has been met with, then make it a point to shake the appliance before using. Also, check for leaks in your nitrous oxide canister. And see that the Chargers are not too old because that will mean that your chargers are not dispensing enough of the gas.

Users often complain that even though the canister seems to be having some amount of cream inside, the whip it does not produce any whipped cream. Sometimes replacing your charger might help, but the truth is that a little amount of cream always does get left behind. On the face of it, it might look like a lot of creams is left, but that is because it has interacted with the laughing gas and hence appears voluminous. Just shake the canister before using and use the whipped cream comes out from the tip. After that, all you have to do is take the appliance apart and clean it up nice and good so that it is ready for the next use.

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