Trouble In Foamy Paradise: When The Whip It Won’t Whip

When you bought your new whip it, you hardly contemplated that ill-whipped cream will still be around in your kitchen, mucking up all that it came in contact with. It happens to the best of us that like all other kitchen appliances the whipped cream canister starts misfiring.

There could be many reasons behind your charger not producing the desired results of foamy, cloudy whipped cream. When working with a whipped cream charger, you have to keep in mind that it is a pretty sophisticated device that fully operates when the nitrous oxide in the Chargers mixes with the cream in the dispenser and makes it all frothy and whipped. The nitrous oxide gas, popularly known as laughing gas, has the physical property of dissolving itself into the fat of the cream, and this is what makes the cream so evenly distributed and voluminous. A tight seal is a solution that gets things up and running. So keep checking for lacerations in the gaskets as well as out of head order levers.

Having said that, it is but natural that whenever your whip it does not whip, the first step should be to check for leaks in the nitrous oxide canisters, because that would mean that the cream has not interacted with the laughing gas, to begin with, so that ends there. It is also a good idea to begin your work by first taking your whipped cream charger apart and clean every nozzle and tip before commencing your work. It makes a world of difference to the quality and the volume of whipped cream that will be made. Make sure that your nitrous oxide charger is new and not discharged. Sometimes getting new chargers also helps in getting the whipped cream canister back in action.

Also, shaking the canister before starting to dispense the whipped cream is crucial to the process. But be careful as to how much you shake, because cream tends to stiffen up when shook too much and if this happens, you have just made one more addition to your problems. If you are using material other than just cream in your dispenser, then consider winnowing the proportion of the gelatine and the stiffening agents in your recipe. For making cocktails, please use carbon dioxide chargers for best results.

How much you charge your dispenser also determines how good your whipped cream is going to be. There is an understood ratio of cream to nitrous oxide, so both undercharging as well as overcharging the whipped cream dispenser will result in wastefulness of your resources. The ideal ratio of cream to nitrous oxide is based on the volume of cream that you intend to use. For half a pint of cream, use one to two nitrous oxide chargers only. However, for one-pint cream also, use not more than two chargers because inevitably, some amount of cream does stay left behind in the dispenser and no amount of charging will get it out. That is just the way it is.

Hope this article helps you heal your relationship with your whip it. Happy foaming!

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