Buying Whipped Cream Chargers: May The Foam Be With You

The famous laughing gas is a very important component of the foamy whipped cream that we all love and live to, eat. Buying your way to good whipped cream chargers is more than just about the money that you invest. There are a lot of options and properties that come with cream chargers.

The nitrous oxide that is stored in the chargers serves a very crucial purpose. The sole reason why it has to be used in the process of producing whipped cream is that it is a fat-soluble gas. When made to escape from the cream chargers, it is made to come in contact with the grease of the cream stored in the dispenser of the charger. The final result of this combination is a frothy product we all love to add to our favourite recipes. Not just fancy pastries and soufflés, whipped cream can make even a fruit bowl look pretentious enough for the Queen!

In its own right, nitrous oxide does not have any taste, though it does have a sweet smell. Its property of making the person who inhales it “laugh” has been utilised by dentists and anaesthetists also for the ease of their patients. Legally speaking, cream chargers are perfectly permissible to be used for culinary purposes. Not just whipped creams, cream chargers are also used by innovative chefs to be applied towards making aerated sauces, chocolate or mango mousses and tons of other delicious finger foods. Cafeterias also use whipped cream chargers to make frothy coffees, which are so popular that an average cafe that serves this beverage has a consumption level of at least four cream chargers a day.

One could argue that why should they go to the trouble of buying an isi cream charger or an ultra purewhip when one could easily whip the cream by hand. The best counter to this premise is perhaps in the beautiful uniformity of the whipped cream that comes with using whipped cream chargers. No globules, no unwhipped particles. And also no tired hands. Moreover, the sheer volume of the whipped cream from cream chargers is enough to make its case before the hand whipped version.

Also, in furtherance of enumerating the advantages of whipped cream chargers, it is pertinent to note here that the owners of this appliance have the option to accessorise their appliance. They can attach fancy decorating tips and injection tips. Also, the uses of cream chargers are not limited to cold desserts only. You can just as easily use it to decorate heated savoury preparations also. Word of caution, though: be sure to buy a heat-resistant cap for your cream charger when you buy one. A little precaution goes a long way into getting a good value for money.

Whipped cream chargers are a game-changing addition to your kitchen. Have fun experimenting with old and new recipes!

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