Nizona Corporations Launches New Website and Shopping Cart

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Nizona Corporations Exploring Its New Website and E-commerce Shopping Cart, specially designed to provide all made in japan beauty, skincare, health and cosmetic products.

1st July 2016

Mumbai, India.

Nizona Corporations is pleased to launches its new website the site specially designed to offer only 100% Made in Japan beauty, health, dietary, cosmetic and skin care products. Allowing world-wide customers to buy japan products with one online shopping destinations. The website is mobile, tablets and laptop friendly.

The website is designed to assist wholesaler and retailer of skincare and health products. All products are well-categorized in different category with its uses. The website mainly focus on retailer and international customers who find difficult to buy japan beauty and skincare products in their locations. Because it’s not possible for everyone to go japan and buy those products. Also highlight the special and excellent results of japan beauty products.

Japan cosmetic and beauty market is second largest after U.S, the products are natural, organic with No toxic and harmful chemicals finely concentrate with collagen proteins and other natural organic elements. Japan has been so far well known for automobiles, electronics, cameras, etc. but there are thousands of other products that are extremely high quality too but are less reachable to a general world-wide audience. In essence, MADE IN JAPAN products are world famous for its high quality but are not easy to source.

With introduction of these new website the company is exploring its platform far ahead with all the required horizontal as well as vertical expansion beyond multiple boundaries in different format of trade’s i.e. E-commerce portal in multiple countries, B2B, B2C, International franchise stores and also into OEM / Private label.

About Buy Japan Products.

The expert team and company works closely with Japanese maker with the aim of developing, manufacturing, introducing and exporting Health & Beauty, Food & Beverages in the first phase. The company is renowned for its excellent and innovative quality products. The firm closely work with Japanese factories in niche segments of food & beverages, functional drinks, cosmetics, & health supplements, under the complex environment of international laws and food regulations.
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