Lady Ruth Bromfield: From Nazi Germany to Inspirational Leader

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Lady Ruth Bromfield: From Nazi Germany to Inspirational Leader

Readers will be enthralled by Gordon Smith’s latest work, Lady Ruth Bromfield. The story highlights the incredible influence that individuals can have when they look beyond the differences we all share.

In the book, we follow the life of Ruth Bromfield, a fictional character was who born to an unmarried Jewish woman in 1935. As the Nazi party grew in power, Ruth’s mother sent her to live with a Church of England priest who raised her in both the Christian and Jewish faiths. The unique situation not only saved Ruth from the horror so the Nazi Holocaust, but it also helped her learn how to bring people together – even if they have very different backgrounds.

After becoming an engineer, Ruth eventually made her way to Australia where she continued to take on more responsibility at the largest construction company in the world. There she put her childhood lessons to work as she implemented a unique social interaction system to help build bridges among people from different background and beliefs.

This moving story is guaranteed to raise the hopes of everyone who reads it and will show us all that it is possible to overcome religious and ethnic intolerance.

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About the Author
Gordon Smith launched his writing career in 2014 with A Family That Went to War, based on his research into his own family history. He is also the author of the best sellers An Australian Story – The Saga of an Australian Family Over Two Centuries and The Ministry Communications Unit. His latest work, Lady Ruth Bromfield, promises to be another success as it inspires readers from around the world.