The MBA Admission Interview: Why do an MBA?

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management in Hyderabad offers MBA in Hyderabad. Currently, SIBM is one of the few MBA colleges in Hyderabad that successfully employs the holistic training module to prepare the students for their roles as future managers. As part of the managerial profile, professionals are required to implement critical thinking, analyze problems and present solutions at the drop of a hat.

Now, such skills are not acquired by mere textbook teaching. What students require is an exposure that takes into consideration the importance of practical training. Understanding the industry requirement, SIBM offers a program that accommodates all of these aspects in the training module.

From inviting industry experts, to conduct lectures and mandatory internship options, SIBM focuses on preparing the students for their roles in the corporate sector. In addition to the classroom training, students are made to practice the analytical and critical skills of management through assignments and live projects.

Currently SIBM follows a module where interested students are shortlisted on the basis of their SNAP score. These shortlisted students are then invited for a round of personal interview where the expert panel decides their admission.

The crucial interview

Just like SIBM, many other reputed B schools always conduct an applicant interview before declaring the final admission list. MBA applicants need to prepare for the entrance exam but it is equally important to prepare for the interview. Now, the MBA interview is not like the corporate interaction that you undergo when applying for a job.

The tricky question

An MBA interview is where you need to justify your interest to get into the academic institution. In addition to your industry experience and current affairs knowledge, one crucial question that you can expect is why do you want to do an MBA?

Now, this question is like a double edged sword for the applicant. It is the response at this stage that will determine your ability to crack the admission in the end. Because, from here on, the panelists will determine the future course of your interview.

What to answer?

Many a times, the MBA applicants are taken aback with this question. But, our advice would be to keep your cool. The answer to this question can’t be mugged up. You need to think carefully and derive your answer based on logical reasoning. One tip however would be to focus on how you plan to use the MBA degree to improve the future of your career.

Just remember that it is absolutely normal for the answer to this question to differ according to your individual background and goals. This answer is subjective and if it is a well thought answer, you can actually drive the interview to where you want it to go. All the best!

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