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Time flies! Did you still bear in mind Penguin series in Runescape? Its third quest “Some As it Cold” was released with August 7, 2012. It’s already 4 several years! Would you like to find out another Penguin Quest in the future? If you would, time to buy runescape gold cheap to ready!

Want another Penguin Quest in the foreseeable future or not?
Jagex has asked upon twitter whether players want to see another Penguin Search in Runescape. Different players have diverse answers. But the majority of players anticipate to see it again. What about you?
If over half of Buy Runescape Gold players react to this questline positively, Jagex is likely in order to introduce another Penguin quest into your game. Personally, the rewards like 40K creating X, 10K construction XP yet others are useful in the sport.

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RuneFest 2016 is out soon, where many upcoming updates in RS is going to be revealed. Maybe it includes another Penguin Quest if Jagex expects to introduce it. Anyway, in order to quickly interact in the fight, it is time to be able to gear up with low-cost rs3 gold! Here, recommend RS 3 gold in your case:
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